A little Hollandaise in Second Life

Cape Juniper; Inara Pey, September 2015, on FlickrCape Juniper September 2015 (Flickr)

I was led to Danii Lyric’s Cape Juniper after seeing a series of images by Goizane Latzo on the ever excellent Bitacora Viajera blog, and was immediately attracted by all I saw.

The region – Hollandaise – is home to Danii’s businesses as a photographer and interior & landscape designer, and Cape Juniper offers a tour de force of her skills in both. Within it sit a series of environments beautifully crafted to attract the eye and camera, and which offer plenty of ideas for home design and landscaping.

Cape Juniper; Inara Pey, September 2015, on FlickrCape Juniper September 2015 (Flickr)

The Cape Juniper LM / SLurl deposits visitors at one end of the largest of five islands making up the region. A road runs the length of the island, bordered on one side by a range of little shops, places to eat, playgrounds, and so on, leading the way from the motel next to the landing point to Danii’s offices on the little town square at the far end of the island, sitting nestled between a small pub and a 50’s style diner..

The other side of the road looks out over the rest of the region, visible beyond the ruins of an old castle, and offers cosy little seating areas at the roadside nearer to the main square, together with a broad set of steps leading down to a grassy headland on which sits a charming outdoor wedding area. A large barn to one said offers plenty of space for receptions, while the boat slips are set ready for the arrival of a bride by water. Those wishing to explore the old castle can find their way to it at the foot of the steps leading to the wedding area and mooring slips.

The four smaller islands all offer ideas for home designs, both exterior and interior, which are again beautifully presented. I confess to being unclear as to how they can be reached, save by flying; I didn’t notice and boat rezzers during my explorations. Three out of the four appear to be open to visitors, and include donation points. The fourth, located in the north-east corner of the region, appears to be a private residence.

Cape Juniper; Inara Pey, September 2015, on FlickrCape Juniper September 2015 (Flickr)

Each island offers a unique design whilst keeping in tune with the overall slightly autumnal theme to the region. Given the size of the islands, superb use is made of the available space, and those with a copy of the Fanatik Rocky Island sitting in their inventory may well find their own creative thoughts on how to put it to good use flow as a result of a visit.

I must also confess to being drawn to one of the islands using this piece of landscaping myself, partly due to the fact I’ve used it in my own home island design, but also because the island in question stands apart from the others in having a decidedly Japanese look and feel to it. This makes it unique within the region without it appearing at odds with the surrounding designs.

Cape Juniper; Inara Pey, September 2015, on FlickrCape Juniper September 2015 (Flickr)

All told, this is another quite lovely region, beautifully presented to visitors and offering a wide range of photo opportunities, places to sit and relax, and plenty to see and enjoy. In other words: a delight to visit. Should you find it as charming as I, please do consider making a donation towards the continuance of the region.

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