SS Galaxy lowers her gangways to visitors once more

 SS Galaxy - getting ready to make steam, and once again open to visits
SS Galaxy – getting ready to make steam, and once again open to visits, a tour balloon floating over her

Frost Mole dropped me a line on Friday, August 28th to let me know The SS Galaxy, the 3-region-long cruise ship that has so long been a part of Second Life, and threatened with the breaker’s yard earlier in the year, is once again open to the public.

“It’s still very much a work in progress, I’ll be decorating the staterooms and adding details to the ship over the next few months. But there’s a lot to see and do right now,” Frost told me, prompting me to hop over and take a look.

The revised upper deck pool, with new slide and the new dance floor beyond
The revised upper deck pool, with new slide and the new dance floor beyond

In April 2015, I wrote about what at that time appeared to be the final cruise for the SS Galaxy, a series of events causing her owners to decide to call time and close her down. A stunning pirm build, she had been venue, events location, destination and – for those renting her many cabins and staterooms – a home. Given her unique looks and status, her loss would have been a blow to Second Life.

Fortunately, and subsequent to that report, I received the news that an agreement had been reached which would see the Lab take over the running and care of the ship, allowing her to remain a part of Second Life. Under this arrangement, the ship would no longer offer rental accommodation, but would be refitted and equipped ready to once again become a destination and a venue for special events.

The wedding chapel has been revised somewhat, but remains in place
The wedding chapel has been revised somewhat, but remains in place

Since then, work has been progressing gradually – a ship of this size represents a lot of space that needs to be looked at and decisions made on how to use the various facilities and rooms, etc. Frost has been busy with the ship (and doubtless projects like the Lab’s PaleoQuest as well), working through getting the ship ready for her new role – although as noted, there is still a way to go yet; so if you do hop over, don’t be surprised it looks as if parts have yet to be finished.

“I tried to add lots of interactive things to do – hot air balloon tour, swan boats, tables and food in the dining areas,” Frost told me as I arrived aboard. “Pretty things in the wedding chapel, a working cinema with public domain movies I’ll swap out once a month or so, kids areas, a water slide…”

New art in the gallery
New art in the gallery

“And 10-pin bowling?” I asked, spotting the alley,

“Ha-ha yes!” Frost replied. “Although that area needs lots of work. I’d like to add a food court with booths, more games, and giving the bowling alley a better home!”

Elsewhere, the ship retains her upper deck swimming pool, albeit it slightly reduced in size and with a new dance floor installed close by; ice-skating rink and familiar doomed ballroom, after of which sits the balloon tour launch point, occupying two of the old helipads, Similarly, the forward helipads are now the launch-point for hang gliders, offering visitors another way to see the ship from the air.

The forward spa also remains, for those seeking a little pampering!
The forward spa also remains, for those seeking a little pampering!

Curiously, the world map currently shows two SS Galaxys – one occupying her “old” position kitty-corner to Temasek, and the “new” Galaxy, sitting just off the Honah Lee estate (and connected to it by a OpenSpace water sim). I assume the former, which appears to sit on unnamed regions, will be vanishing soon (or already has, as is some kind of map ghost).

Again, just as a final reminder, if you do visit at the moment, keep in mind the ship is still a work-in-progress, so some things will still look a little empty right now – but that will be changing. As it is, it is really great to see her back with us.

I wonder if there will be an official event when she’s finished and ready for a re-launch?

Firework displays take place every hour, on the hour
Firework displays take place every hour, on the hour

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14 thoughts on “SS Galaxy lowers her gangways to visitors once more

  1. I’m happy that it is back! I was missing to travel up to there and to land my helic… *faints* [Okay, this was supposed to make you laugh]. But, seriously, I liked to land there. That double helipad was the most usable. I like the balloon too. So, let’s look at it. There is an empty area on starboard, it’s plenty of space there, and it may be a good place to put a balloon. It would be even more accessible: when you exit from the domed ballroom, you will have it on your left, without to climb the stairs. On the other side, there is the mini-golf. It would be pretty balanced, IMHO, and you would leave the pad accessible to the aviation community.
    BTW what’s the reason of moving the ship there? I remember one of the issues of the Galaxy was its remote position; but it doesn’t look more accessible there, maybe even more remote than before. Anyway now I would have an extra reason to sail among Honah Lee islets.


  2. It’s interesting that this ship came back, I remember years ago attending events there. I recently made a bed & breakfast house and put “SL Antiques” in it — and one of the things I put up on the wall above the fire place was a souvenir painting of the SSGalaxy that Bill Stirling had once given me years ago. It all seemed so ancient…Guess it’s not an antique now!


  3. Thank you all for your continue interest on the Galaxy. It is great to see so many people have so many great memories of her. And thanks to LL for preserving her. May be see you some time in world or even on the Galaxy 😉


    1. She’s a beautiful ship, Bill – thank you for building her, and yes – hopefully see you in-world aboard her some time 🙂 .


  4. The new dance floor is not good, those flash textures on it make avatars almost invisible, better would be a plain floor with colourful laser beams, but glad the ship is back, the rooms not being rentable is disappointing though.


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