Rediscover Paradise Lost in Second Life, and enter a L$20K prize pool contest

In 2014, Paradise Lost: The story of Adam and Eve’s Original Sin was, for me, the performance art event of Second Life. conceived, produced and directed by the creative pairing of Harvey Crabsticks and Canary Beck and staged by the Basilique Performing Arts Company.

This was a production that I was privileged to see in development, including spending time with both Canary and Harvey in conversation about how the production developed from the experiences they gained producing  Romeo + Juliet. When I later reviewed the production and referred to it as a masterpiece of performance art in SL, I did so without hyperbole.

In essence, Paradise Lost combined John Milton’s blank verse epic of the same name with the music of the Süssmayr completion of Mozart’s Requiem Mass in D minor. And I’ll say again without any exaggeration at all, that those who did not manage to see the production on stage truly missed out on something extraordinary. HOWEVER – there’s now an opportunity to make up for things!

Iconic scene: Satan's fall and arrival in hell
Iconic scene: Satan’s fall and arrival in hell – Paradise Lost by the Basilique Performing Arts Company, 2014

At 12:00 noon SLT on Saturday September 19th, 2015, registered guests will be able to watch the specially commissioned Paradise Lost: The Movie. Filmed and produced by Forren Ashford, and featuring the cast and original sets from the production, all directed by Canary Beck, the film captures the full 2-hour production for posterity on video.

To  see the film, all you need to do is register your e-mail address to be a part of this very special event. The film will be shown via Canary’s own website,, but only to those who have pre-registered.

L$20,000 Prize Pool Contest

WindlightTo mark the film’s première and in association with Windlight Magazine, Canary has launched a special photography contest, with a total prize pool of L$20,000 plus special media service awards to the top entries worth an additional L$10,00.

Taken together, the prizes are:

  • 1st Place Photo – L$ 5,000, a 2-page story in Windlight Magazine together with a double page ad; and 1 month’s exhibition space at the Windlight Gallery
  • 2nd Place Photo – L$ 3,000, a  Windlight blog article and one double page ad
  • 3rd Place Photo – L$2,000, and one double page ad in Windlight Magazine
  • Additional awards 10x L$1000 for the best scene photos.

For full details on how to enter, together with guidelines, rules, judging and  prize awards, please refer to the competition webpage.

All entries must be posted to the official Paradise Lost Flickr group. Note that for scene awards, entries will be selected each week, so entries should be uploaded before the sets change (as indicated in the competition page schedule). Weekly winners will be announced via and via social media, and will be informed directly via Flickr messaging.

The grand prize winner will by announced on Saturday, October 24th via the same means.

Good luck to all who enter – and don’t forget to register to see the movie!

4 thoughts on “Rediscover Paradise Lost in Second Life, and enter a L$20K prize pool contest

  1. Reblogged this on Canary Beck and commented:
    I am delighted to read Inara Pey’s views on her past recollections of Paradise Lost in Second Life, and her enthusiasm in seeing the upcoming cinematic interpretation – Paradise Lost – The Movie.

    In this post, she links back to two posts she wrote about the play from last year, that I enjoyed re-reading (oh, the memories!). Inara truly has one of the most insightful perspectives on the the Second Life art world, and her uniquely clear and revelatory interpretations are on display in all three posts. If you have an interest in the backstory of Paradise Lost (the play), you’d be hard pressed to find a better and more comprehensive review.

    And! The picture she captured of Satan in the fires of hell is perfectly timed! Thank you, Inara, for such kind words and for your continued appreciation of the amazing art this world has to offer!


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    1. Thank you, Becky for your kind words – and for all of your own contributions & those of the Basilique Performing Arts Company to art and culture in Second Life.

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