Fantasy Faire: treasure the memories

Fantasy Faire 2015: Vallacia; Inara Pey, April 2015, on Flickr Fantasy Faire 2015: Vallacia April 2015 (Flickr) – click any image for full size

The Westering sun is starting to draw longer shadows across the hills and valleys and rivers  and roads of the Fairelands, and soon they will once again be taking their leave of us.

Truth be told, I’ve once again failed in my intent to wander the Fairelands as much as I had wanted, seeking stories and writing of fair folk and the wonderful realms within their borders. Fantasy Faire is always special, and this years it again seems even more so, and I once again find myself regretting allowing other things to limit the times I have been able to spend there. Because once the Fairelands has passed into the West at the end of each year’s Faire, all we are left with are photos and memories of the spirit that once wrapped us in its embrace that year.

Fantasy Faire 2015:  Tangleshimmer Grove; Inara Pey, April 2015, on Flickr Fantasy Faire 2015: Tangleshimmer Grove April 2015 (Flickr) – click any image for full size

Which is why, no matter how much time we have or haven’t spent wandering these beautiful worlds, meeting others, engaging in role-play, enjoying the many and varied entertainments – and in the process (and at the time of writing, the total is still rising!) raising almost L$6 million (almost US $24,000) for Relay for life – there is now a new way to keep the Spirit of the Faire alive and with us as the Fairelands themselves fade into memory.

The beautiful Spirit of Fantasy Faire pendant designed by
The beautiful Spirit of Fantasy Faire pendant designed by Kaelis Ember and available through

Writing in the Fantasy Faire Blog, Sonya Marmurek brings word that Kaelis Ember has designed a beautiful pendant representing the Spirit of Fantasy Faire, as envisioned by Alia Baroque for the 2015 Fantasy Faire poster.

Made of polished brass with a choice of 14k, and 18k gold plating or Rhodium finish, the Pendant is a beautiful reminder of all that Fantasy Faire represents and can be yours from just US £59.90 / €69.01 (both including basic shipping, and Euro price inclusive of VAT) when you order via Shapeways.

The description of the pendant reads:

This gorgeous piece of original art will hang proudly around your neck, a tangible token of your efforts to end the hold cancer has over the lives of so many. A Relay for Life of Second Life event benefiting the American Cancer Society, the Fantasy Faire brings together people from all around the globe who share a love of Fantasy and a united belief that a cure for cancer doesn’t have to be a fantasy forever. Join us and show that you too believe in the strength of Fantasy to shape our reality. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, this pendant will always be a reminder of the strength of what we can do together when share a common dream.

Such has been my lot that I sadly couldn’t even stay awake for the May Day Masked Ball as witness the crowing of the first King and Queen of the Faire, together with the appointment of their Chancellor. With the votes all tallied, it was a clean sweep for Discworld, with Havelock Vetinari crowned king, Granny Weatherwax as Queen, with Greebo the Cat as their Chancellor.

All hail the Fantasy Faire 2015 King and Queen, and their Chancellor!
All hail the Fantasy Faire 2015 King and Queen, and their Chancellor!

Although my own votes went to Tyrion and Maleficent for king and queen, I confess that I’m also glad Havelock and Granny won. A world without Sir Terry Pratchett isn’t quite what it once was, and so this is a fitting way to top-out the commemoration of his life and work which was also a part of the Faire this year.

One thing I did manage to squeeze in this year was a little bit of filming. While my efforts don’t span the visual delights of ColeMarie Soliel’s magnificent tour through all 13 regions of the Fairelands, I managed to complete some filming in Ichi-Go Ichi-E, which I used in a post earlier in the week, and also at the Spires of Andolys, which I offer below.

Another activity I really enjoyed was the opportunity to walk through this year’s remarkable hunt – The Lost Lands. The creative effort that went into this is quite extraordinary, and everyone involved is deserving of congratulations. From all the chatter I’ve seen in the FF groups, the hunt has been greatly enjoyed again this year, and I was pleased to be able to play a minor role in things.  But – how did you find the hunt? the organisers would like to know so that they can start planning for 2016. So, if you completed or only tried the hunt, please give your feedback.

Fantasy Faire 2015: Vallacia; Inara Pey, April 2015, on Flickr Fantasy Faire 2015: Vallacia April 2015 (Flickr) – click any image for full size

There is still much to see and a lot to day at the Faire, so be sure to check the events pages and announcements. But time is passing! Don’t miss your chance to gather memories of the Fairelands, and then let the Spirit of the Faire help you to recall them once this year’s Faire has passed into the West.

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