SL project updates week 18/2: TPV Developer meeting

Server Deployments Week 18 – Recap

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread for the latest news.

SL Viewer

[00:30] All of the viewers currently in the release channel as RCs are currently being updated to match the current release viewer, version, which uses the new viewer build tool set.

Experience Keys / Tools

[02:06] The Lab is still making headway on the back-end issues they wish to clear before they promote the Experiences RC viewer to the de facto release viewer.

Attachment Fixes

[02:20] The attachment fixes project viewer (Project BigBird), currently at version, is expected to appear as a release candidate viewer very soon – most likely in week #19. It is thought this viewer fixes all of the attachment issues associated with AIS v3, although there are some attachment issues which occur server-side which it does not correct, such as failures with requests to attach multiple items (such as during an outfit change).

Oculus Rift Project Viewer

[07:22] As noted in my last TPV Developer meeting report, the Lab is resuming work on the Oculus Rift project viewer. The focus on this will be to ensure the viewer works with the latest Oculus SDK (it is currently running behind SDK releases), and also up to the latest viewer source.

Once this has happened, it is likely that the viewer will enter the release channel as a release candidate viewer, so that it can keep pace with updates to the release viewer, and from there progress to release status. How quickly this will happen is dependent upon a lot of different factors, and it is likely to remain the last in line to become the release viewer for a good while, partly because it is unlikely the Oculus Rift will be available as a consumer item until 2016, and so there will be other things entering the release channel which have broader usage within the SL community, and will therefore be promoted more quickly.

Viewer-Managed Marketplace

There was a Viewer Managed Marketplace meeting on Friday, May 1st, immediately prior to the TPVD meeting, and a transcript of that meeting, with recording, is now available.