Kokua 3.7.24: from RLVa to RLV

kokua-logoNicky Perian and the Kokua team announced the release of version on Tuesday, January 20th.

This updates primarily focuses on code merges with the more recent Linden Lab code base updates, and changes to the viewer’s RLV support.

The Linden code base updates mean that Kokua is up-to-date with the the following updates from the Lab:

  • Release 3.7.21 – Snowstorm Fall Contributions – Japanese input; improved rendering of projectors; fixes for object editing bug when rotating and for crash on exit on OS X Yosemite in full screen mode, etc.
  • Release 3.7.22 – GPU Benchmark start-up crash fix release
  • Release 3.7.23 –  Maintenance release – bugfixes and improvements to many areas of SL and fixes to previously released changes in the way we handle joint offsets in rigged meshes
  • Release 3.7.24 –  HTTP Pipelining enhancements – reduced pipelined texture and mesh fetching timeout so that stalled connections fail quickly allowing earlier retry. Timeout value changed from 150 seconds to 60 seconds

RLVa to RLV Update

This release sees Kokua pivot away from the use of RLVa viewer code for RLV support and to using Marine Kelley’s own RLV support, as presented through her Restrained Love Viewer. Due to unavoidable events, RLV/a has fallen somewhat behind support for the more recent RLV features, and as Marine tracks the Lab’s releases through her own viewer, this switch should make RLV-related maintenance easier for the Kokua team.

As a result of this change, a clean install of Kokua is recommended, the blog post accompanying the release noting:

[The] Recommendation for a clean install is because of the different settings presented by having RLV versus RLVa in the last Kokua release … If you do not clean install you may experience a notification at viewer start about restarting to change RLV mode because the default is set to RLV off and settings in your local setting file is RLV on. You will need select off/on once more in order to sync the on/off selection. This can be avoided with a clean install.  

The default behaviour for RLV is that it will not be present (i.e. it must be enabled via the Advanced menu).

Additional Bug Fixes

In addition, the Kokua team have included the fixes for the following issues:

  • Opensim variable size region mini-map shows the base 256×256 region only Ticket #276
  • Move view floater does not persist at relog Ticket #286, resolved at Ticket #318
  • [RLVa] Names are not all gone Ticket #314
  • Touch restriction works not very well in RLV or RLVa Ticket #324
  • Right click an attached object brings up pie and context menu Ticket #325 Added
  • Typing module in the tag Ticket #313

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RFL of SL: dates for events and megas officially announced

bannerThe Relay for Life of Second Life organising team have announced the dates for a number of this year’s REFL of SL season’s special and mega events, some of which have already been promoted through various blogs, others of which are just being confirmed publicly with the formal press release now in circulation.

The special events and their dates are:

Paint SL Purple: February 21st – March 7th, 2015: Leading up to the the official kick-off for the 2015 RFL of SL season comes the chance to paint the grid purple, the official colour of Relay for Life. Things will kick-off on February 21st with a special party (details TBA), and thereafter comes the opportunity for everyone to join in the purple fun!

RFL of SL Kick-Off Celebration – March 7th and 8th, 2015: Join the celebrations to mark the official launch of this year’s RFL of SL season. Much is being planned, and details will be forthcoming soon!

Halfway There Celebration – May 15th through 17th, 2015: RFL of SL reaches the half-way mark between the kick-off celebrations and the official weekend, which will be marked by special events and activities.

Relay Weekend – July 18th and 19th, 2015: It’s the largest fund-raising event in the virtual worlds. For one weekend, 40+ regions will be devoted to this special weekend as everyone is invited to walk the track, celebrate with those who have survived cancer, remember those lost to cancer and help raise money that can be put to use in finding cures for cancer and in bringing help and support for those smitten by cancer.

Wrap-Up Party – August 2015: Wrapping-up the official core season, although mega events will continue to be held. Details of the wrap-up party will become available nearer the time.

The mega events so far scheduled for 2015 comprise:

posterThe 8th Annual SL Sci-Fi Convention – February 20th – March 1st, 2015:  Set your phasers on fun and get ready to beam your way to the Sci-Fi Convention’s “six sims of the imagination”, offering entertainment and activities both on the ground and “in orbit”, with each region modelled as an exotic holiday resort.Find out more on the SL Science fiction convention’s website.

Fashion For Life – March 21st to March 29th, 2015: Featuring everything Fashion in SL, with multiple regions, fabulous builds, and some of SLs best designers, bringing together fun, fashion and entertainment to help raise money for RFL of SL.  Please contact Frolic Mills in-world for more information.

Fantasy Faire – April 23rd to May 3rd, 2015: also in its eighth year, Fantasy Faire is one of the most anticipated annual events in Second Life, bringing together all the worlds of fantasy and fantasy role-play in a series of themed regions and featuring SL’s top fantasy creators and designers, live entertainment, fun and games. Visit the official Fantasy Faire website for more information and news as it becomes available.

The Home & Garden Expo – September 13th through 26th: Founded in 2008, this is largest Home & Garden Event of its kind benefiting Relay For Life, and features the great creators of Second Life’s Home & Garden products. Please contact Reign Congrejo in Second Life for more information.

The Prim Perfect Castle, and grounds, designed by Aisling Sinclair using elements from a numebr of SL designers, provides a magnificent venue for the magazine's talks and presentations
The Prim Perfect Castle, and grounds, designed by Aisling Sinclair using elements from a number of SL designers, a part of the 2014 Home and Garden Expo

In addition to these special and mega events, Relay for Life of Second Life wouldn’t be complete in 2015 without the following events, all of which will have their dates announced in due course:

  • It’s SummerTime! Breedables Fair: This annual Fair, in its 3rd year, brings together the creators of the top breedables in Second Life who create a spectacular display for fans and residents! Special and limited edition creations built especially for Relay are sold during this two week event
  • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer: supporting the official breast cancer charity of the American Cancer Society. For more info visit: http://makingstridessl.org/
  • The Xmas Expo & Breedables Fair: The holiday-themed, offseason, mega shopping event that brings the magic of the holidays to SL and to Relay is returning for its 4th year! Entertainment, raffles, auctions, the Holiday Ball and more awaits guests, young and old, to the splendour of the Xmas Expo.

Fantasy Faire 2014: The Faery Court, Inara Pey on FlickrFantasy Faire 2014: The Faery Court by Elicio Ember

About Relay For Life of Second Life

Relay For Life of Second Life is an annual activity that takes place in Second Life in July each year. Volunteers form or join teams to have fun while fundraising and raising awareness from mid-March through mid-July. In July teams build campsites and walk a track, just like a Real World Relay. Since 2005, Relay For Life of Second Life has raised over $2.25 million USD for the American Cancer Society. In 2013, Relay For Life of Second Life has raised over $390,000 for the American Cancer Society. Relay For Life has become an international movement in RL and SL. In 2011 participants from over 80 countries took part in Relay For Life of Second Life.

About the American Cancer Society

For more than 100 years, the American Cancer Society (ACS) has worked relentlessly to save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. Together with millions of  supporters worldwide, ACS helps people stay well, helps people get well, find cures, and deal with their journey against cancer.

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Savouring a magical corner of Second Life

Cantrip De Savor, Aloha Sunset Beach; Inara Pey, January 2015, on FlickrCantrip De Savor (Flickr) – click any image for full size

Occupying a quarter of a region, Dez Akemi Melomane’s Cantrip De Savor lives up to both of the elements found within its name: it is magical in looks, and a place to be savoured when visiting.

Currently caught in the depths of of winter, it offers an eye-catching retreat from the cares of the wider worlds, edged with a hint of mystery in places. There is plenty for all to enjoy, and the SL photographer is liable to find much to keep him or her occupied, be it in picturing the landscape as a whole, or focusing down on the individual little touches, of which there are plenty awaiting discovery.

Cantrip De Savor, Aloha Sunset Beach; Inara Pey, January 2015, on FlickrCantrip De Savor (Flickr)

Built around a watery inlet complete with a small island, the land invites visitors to wander the paved road around the edge of the water, away from the run-down gas station and on past the cabin on the hill, the little tea house and store, and the gazebo with its snuggly sofa and cushions, until they come to a hollowed-through tree trunk bridging the water to reach the little island, overlooked by a ramshackle old skiing lodge. On the island sits a charming coffee house, warmly lit and with an outdoor brazier and chairs for the hardy, while beyond it, another bridge leads back to the mainland, where more awaits  discovery.

It’s on the east side of the land that the mystery of the place is perhaps most clearly seen, because it is there one will find sections of an old railway track, improperly laid out, incomplete and seemingly forgotten. Alongside them sits the hulking form of an armoured (and armed) stream train, converted to run on tracks of a different kind, a biohazard sign close by giving a stark warning to all who approach.  Quite what they mean when taken together is up to the visitor to decide, giving the land an additional narrative to be enjoyed.

Cantrip De Savor, Aloha Sunset Beach; Inara Pey, January 2015, on FlickrCantrip De Savor (Flickr) – click any image for full size

The beauty of this build is hard to resist – were one even to want to offer resistance. The rural look and feel to the landscape, shielded from the rest of the region by tall rocky cliffs and peaks, offers something of a contradiction to the run-down look and feels to many of the structures occupying it, yet both bind into a visually pleasing whole, which comfortably enfolds the more cosy stopping points, such as the little coffee house and Dez’s little Branch store, which sits tucked unobtrusively into a corner.

This is definitely one to be savoured; there’s far too much magic in the air to pass up on a visit – so why not go see for yourself?

Cantrip De Savor, Aloha Sunset Beach; Inara Pey, January 2015, on FlickrCantrip De Savor (Flickr) – click any image for full size

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