Kokua 3.7.24: from RLVa to RLV

kokua-logoNicky Perian and the Kokua team announced the release of version on Tuesday, January 20th.

This updates primarily focuses on code merges with the more recent Linden Lab code base updates, and changes to the viewer’s RLV support.

The Linden code base updates mean that Kokua is up-to-date with the the following updates from the Lab:

  • Release 3.7.21 – Snowstorm Fall Contributions – Japanese input; improved rendering of projectors; fixes for object editing bug when rotating and for crash on exit on OS X Yosemite in full screen mode, etc.
  • Release 3.7.22 – GPU Benchmark start-up crash fix release
  • Release 3.7.23 –  Maintenance release – bugfixes and improvements to many areas of SL and fixes to previously released changes in the way we handle joint offsets in rigged meshes
  • Release 3.7.24 –  HTTP Pipelining enhancements – reduced pipelined texture and mesh fetching timeout so that stalled connections fail quickly allowing earlier retry. Timeout value changed from 150 seconds to 60 seconds

RLVa to RLV Update

This release sees Kokua pivot away from the use of RLVa viewer code for RLV support and to using Marine Kelley’s own RLV support, as presented through her Restrained Love Viewer. Due to unavoidable events, RLV/a has fallen somewhat behind support for the more recent RLV features, and as Marine tracks the Lab’s releases through her own viewer, this switch should make RLV-related maintenance easier for the Kokua team.

As a result of this change, a clean install of Kokua is recommended, the blog post accompanying the release noting:

[The] Recommendation for a clean install is because of the different settings presented by having RLV versus RLVa in the last Kokua release … If you do not clean install you may experience a notification at viewer start about restarting to change RLV mode because the default is set to RLV off and settings in your local setting file is RLV on. You will need select off/on once more in order to sync the on/off selection. This can be avoided with a clean install.  

The default behaviour for RLV is that it will not be present (i.e. it must be enabled via the Advanced menu).

Additional Bug Fixes

In addition, the Kokua team have included the fixes for the following issues:

  • Opensim variable size region mini-map shows the base 256×256 region only Ticket #276
  • Move view floater does not persist at relog Ticket #286, resolved at Ticket #318
  • [RLVa] Names are not all gone Ticket #314
  • Touch restriction works not very well in RLV or RLVa Ticket #324
  • Right click an attached object brings up pie and context menu Ticket #325 Added
  • Typing module in the tag Ticket #313

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