SL Projects update week 32/2: server, viewer, issues

Beeswing, Banana Island, May 2014; Inara Pey, on FlickrBeeswing, Banana Island, May 2014

Sever Deployments – Week 32 Recap

  • There was no Main (SLS) channel deployment on Tuesday August 5th
  • On Wednesday August 6th, all three RC channels received the same maintenance update, which addresses some miscellaneous bugs, and fixes the JSON issue “Valid JSON numbers like 0e0 no longer valid after″ (BUG-6657) and includes changes from the current Main channel release.

The “fix” for the JSON issue was to in fact roll back the fix for an earlier JSON issue (BUG-6466) which appears to have triggered the more recent issue. A fix for both problems is now currently in the works.

SL Viewer

  • The Library Refresh viewer was updated on August 6th to version on August 6th. This viewer contains an update to a large set of libraries used by the viewer to provide security, stability and consistency improvements to this and future viewers (download and release notes)
  • As anticipated, the Zipper Viewer, intended to improve the viewer’s installation speed, has been removed from the viewer release channel. The reason for this is an incompatibility between the archive format used to zip the viewer skins for faster installation and older operating system versions.

Other Items

Maestro Linden is back from his 3-week vacation and revealed he and Caleb Linden have been working on ‘infrastructure’ updates recently, for some of the central services, which has mostly involved making sure they still work properly after a big OS update which is in the works.

HUDs Detaching / Reattaching Following Teleport

There has been a report that HUDs are acting oddly following a teleport, apparently detaching and then reattaching, but showing as “worn on invalid Attachment Point” until clicked upon. The issue seems to be primarily experienced by people using viewers with the AIS v3 updates, but it may also occur on other viewers.

These issues are somewhat similar (in part to problems previously reported with avatar attachments failing to behave as expected when using the inventory WEAR command ((see BUG-6487 and my notes here). The Lab is going to take a poke at things.

Soul Seize

There have been further reports of the “soul seize” griefing tools doing the rounds. These are objects (both in-world and possibly HUDs worn by others disguised as greeters) which offer to animate your avatar (e.g. hug you or allow you to sit), but which are intended to take control of animating your avatar.

This issue has been around a considerable time (see JIRA VWR-13228). However, a year ago in Agust 2013, the Lab deployed a partial fix for the problem. This was change to the Stop Animating Me option in the viewer (found under the Me / Avatar menu in v3 viewers), to cause it to send a message to the simulator so it revokes all animation permissions for all objects in the region.

The solution isn’t perfect – it doesn’t work where animation has been initiated by a HUD, and at the time the update was made, concerns were raised that griefer might work around it. Whether these latest reports refer to a new flavour of the tool which does get around Stop Animating Me update is unclear.

5 thoughts on “SL Projects update week 32/2: server, viewer, issues

  1. The soul seize thing is happening, namely at places like Violet and Korea. Basically an avatar can unknowingly click upon a transparent prim and its permissions are taken that way also, Disabling click to sit will help with that one. Another hole which existed was one in Lumiya viewer that automatically accepts any animation requests to an avatar that is logged in with it. There was one such fellow who boasted about ‘owning’ Lumiya residents with that and taking their persmissions. The creator was contacted but I don’t know if it were ever fixed as I decided to personally stop using it after discovering that vulnerability. That is not a slam against Lumiya, it’s a great mobile app, so please do not scorch and burn!

    The stop animating my avatar feature does not work against this particular headache. I hope they fix it somehow.


    1. Yup. The Stop Animating Me update only works with in-world objects; although there are reports of items which, when they receive permission to animate an avatar also auto-return themselves to the owner’s inventory, thus avoiding the simulator-side revoking of rights.

      I’m not surprised that are common in popular areas – such places can be harassment targets. I had not heard of Lumiya being hit – given I use Lumiya routinely; that’s something I’ll look into with Alina.


    2. You just mentioned two of the worst “welcome areas”, which are really anything but, and should have been forced to close or stop claiming to be what they claim to be long ago. As for Lumiya, I’m not aware of automatically accepting animation requests. I’ll have to run a test for it.


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