Terms of Service – presentation reminder

The formal announcement of the presentation

Just a quick reminder to all who are interested. As I blogged on July 24th, there will be a special presentation by Agenda Faromet on the July 2014 Terms of Service updates.

The presentation will take place on Saturday August 2nd, commencing at 10:00 SLT at the he SLBA courtroom.

Agenda is a real life attorney specialising in privacy and internet law operating out of San Francisco, and is a member of the SL Bar Association. She will be talking about both the changes made to Section 2.3 of the Terms of Service (the section relating to IP rights assigned to Linden Lab) and also on the changes to the Lab’s Skill Gaming Policy, which will be coming into effect as of September 1st, 2014 (having been previously scheduled for August 1st, 2014).

I hope to be able to record the meeting and provide a transcript through this blog for those who cannot attend.

The SLBA courtroom
The SLBA courtroom

About the SL Bar Association

The SL Bar Association (SLBA) is a group for legal professionals and others interested in legal issues in Second Life. It is registered as a 501(c)(6) organisation in the United States, and operates in Second Life from the Justitia Virtual Legal Resource Village, which serves as a resource for both attorneys and the general public, and has law offices available to rent on the square, along with general legal information on a variety of topics.  Rental units are also available at sea level.

Details of SLBA talks and presentations can be found on the SLBA website, together with further information on the association and its members.

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5 thoughts on “Terms of Service – presentation reminder

  1. What’s the point? Nothing has changed in the ToS at all. The ToS have been hotly debated ad nauseam for nearly a year now, lots of stupid drama has unfolded, and – really: What did it lead to? Nothing at all. It all seems like a complete waste of time. LL has effectively said “shut up and put up”, and that’s all. Hmmm… “Shut up and put up” – something many of us get told (in various ways) all the time.


    1. Where Section 2.3 is concerned, not a lot may well have changed, but as you yourself have pointed-out, some belive it has, as such further perspective from a qualified eye is always wlecome. Also, this presentation isn’t just about Section 2.3. It’s about the changes to the Skill Gaming Policy, which has also caused its own degree of confusion. So again, any clarity which can be brought via a legal eye is to be welcomed.

      If you don’t feel the presentation is likely to be of value to you, because you feel you’re already informed on the matter of Section 2.3, or because you’re unaffected by the upcoming Skill Gaming policy changes – that’s fine. But by the same measure, it doesn’t necessarily make the presentation a “waste of time”.


      1. I’m talking about the continuation of the debate surrounding Section 2.3. Anything that could be said about it has been said – LL hasn’t changed a thing, it hasn’t addressed any real issue, and has opted to “address” a non-issue. So, keeping up this particular discussion is a waste of time, and not only because nothing has changed.


        1. And as I replied – and you have previously pointed-out – not everyone sees that as being the case. Ergo, further clarification is not necessarily a waste of time. Enough said.


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