BURN2 2014 Burnal Equinox builders and artists announced

burnalOn the 19th February, the Burn2 team announced the names of the builders and artists selected for the 2014 Burnal Equinox, which will take place between Friday March 28th and Sunday March 30th inclusive in the playa regions.

The title of the event is Hotter Than Air, and the setting is the distant future where, to escape a toxin-ravaged Earth, the people have taken to the sky, building their homes beneath balloons filed with a mixture of the very toxins that poisoned the planet mixed with playa dust to create a lighter-than-air substance called Fairy Dust. In this multi-platform, multi-level environment, the people celebrate a renewal of life every Spring, decorating their balloons and platforms, travelling between them in fantastical lighter-than-air machines.

The builders and artists, selected by draw, who will help visualise this aerial setting and bring it to life are, together with the themes of their builds:

  • Annevonlinz – Latin expressions
  • Aurora Mycano – Fractal Recovery Sphere
  • Chic Aeon – Silent Contemplation
  • Cinnamon Ghoststar – Sky Garden #1
  • Ginger Lorakeet – Inside Art
  • Giovanna Cerise – Graden Glass
  • Herbie Haven – Weather Balloon
  • Instincta – Burning Ice
  • Krummis Blessed – Post Apocalypso
  • maddomxc Umino – Immortal Sculptures in the Universe
  • mongoflex – idk Yes Sorry …
  • polkamatic feller –  Burn The Past
  • Qwark Allen – Detox
  • Rogue Desmoulins – Air Brûlée
  • sirhc DeSantis – Just a Bar
  • Slatan Dryke – Yonder
  • St3m Resident – Keys to Fly
  • Veyot resident – Memories of Home
  • Yman juran – Universe of Love

Hotter Than air opens to the public on Friday March 28th, at midday SLT, and continues through until 22:00 SLT on Sunday March 30th, 2014.