Starting the year with a visit to an old friend

Collins Land, January 2014
Collins Land – click for full size

Collins Land has appeared several times within this blog – and with good reason. Cerys Collins always offers an interesting and highly photogenic environment for visitors to enjoy whenever she reworks her place. So when I received an invite to go see the region in its latest iteration, which re-opened on January 1st, 2014  it really should come as no surprise that I hopped right over to take a look.

The new design is liable to please both those new to Collins Land and those who are familiar with Cery’s designs. For the former, there is a lot to see and explore and which will please the eye. For the latter, the exploration is the same, but punctuated with some familiar motifs from earlier builds. The greenhouse arrival point, long a hallmark of visiting the region, is still there, for example, as is a rope slide and a dramatic landscape of towering rock faces.

Collins Land, January 2014
Collins Land – click for full size

The greenhouse sits towards the middle of the region, next to a winding road, which in one direction leads up into the hills and in the other, down towards the waterfront. Which way you go is up to you. Follow the road up, and you’ll come to a large house perched on the edge of a high cliff with a stunning view over the sea. Follow the road down, and you’ll be lead to a lovely little boathouse with a quaint apartment over it.

In between these two sits a rugged terrain, the road winding its way around a deep gorge which cuts into the land from the sea and which is also fed by tumbling waterfalls. Away from the road there is more to explore – copses, walks, tree platforms, ponds, and more.

Collins Land, January 2014
Collins Land – click for full size

And the rope slide? That now connects a roadside platform with a smaller island which offers a cosy cave (which is also handy, given it is raining over there), and one or two other little nooks to explore.

Aside from the rainy little island, there is a distinct feel of spring about the place; all the trees are in leaf, sunlight slanting through the boughs – so if you’re looking for some relief from the snowy looks of winter which can be found across many regions right now, Collins Land may well be just the right tonic for you!

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  1. Thank you again my friend, you have make a perfect article, as usual 😉

    I’m really happy to see you at Collins Land.

    Happy new year ;))



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