From Scotland to a preview of a tropical paradise

Isla Okiddo
Isla Okiddo

Earlier in 2013 I happened upon Garden of Eden, an exquisite parcel created by Liara Okiddo.  Just 8192 sq m in size, the parcel was a veritable tour de force of design and presentation, demonstrating just what could be achieved in a small space, given a keen eye and patience.

Garden of Eden is now sadly gone; not because Liara has moved from Second Life, but because she and her partner Lucy have moved to a Homestead region, where they’ve been establishing a new home and new art studio and gallery.

Liara kindly offered me a preview look at Isla Okiddo ahead of the formal opening, and while real life prevented me from being able to take up the offer when first extended, I’m pleased to say that Liara kept the invitation open, and it was my privilege recently to have a tour of the island and spend time photographing it, and I can say hand-on-heart, that it is an incredible build.

As Isla Okiddo is not yet open, I’m not providing a SLurl here; I’m saving that for when I can fully review it. However, those wishing to show their interest in seeing the island Liara has established a unique way for them to do so via another build.

Scotland: Okiddo airfield
Scotland: Okiddo airfield

As well as working on Isla Okiddo, Liara has also been developing a small airport. As with Garden of Eden, it is once again a very creative use of space, buildings, and windlight. Should you visit it, I really do recommend you accept the parcel windlight to experience the setting as intended. Liara has put considerable effort in bring the scene together, and the selected windlight really brings the setting to life.

Here you can enjoy a period setting, with a silver Douglas DC-3 sitting on the tarmac in the early morning light, waiting for the inaugural flight to Isla Okiddo. This is to be a first class flight, as the champagne on ice alongside the steps up into the plane demonstrates. Alongside the champers sits a guest book where those wishing to join the flight – registering their interest in seeing Isla Okiddo – can do so.

James kindly loaned me the Aston Martin for the drive to the airfield ...
James kindly loaned me the Aston Martin for the drive to the airfield … (Yes, there’s a little joke there for film buffs)

The airfield offers an excellent location for those wanting something a little different as a backdrop for their photoshoots – just make sure you drop word to Liara about your intent beforehand and make sure she’s OK with things.

I’ll be bringing more news on Isla Okiddo in the future; in the meantime, and rather than my usual Flickr slide show, here’s a little preview video I put together to help whet your appetite.

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