ToS changes: Designing Worlds want your questions

Designing Worlds has announced a special programme to discuss the recent Linden Lab Terms of Service changes. The changes, which first appeared on August 15th, have led to concerns over the extent to which they require the granting of non-exclusive rights over content uploaded to the Lab’s services, as listed in Section 2.3 of the updated Terms.

The Design Worlds programme will be recorded on Tuesday October 29th, and will feature a special panel of representatives from across the creative sphere including artists, writers, designers, the legal profession and representatives of the United Content Creators of SL.

Not all of them may necessarily hold the same views – as Designing Worlds points out, while some see the changes almost entirely negatively, others see them as perhaps opening the door to potential new markets for their digital creations, and believe that the Terms of Service (possibly in an amended form) are the way forward. So the debate may well be interesting in the spread of views and comments.

As a part of the programme, Designing Worlds want to hear from the greater SL community. It doesn’t matter if you’re a creator within SL or a consumer (or both). If you have a question about Section 2.3 and how it may affect your business or your in-world time in general; if you’d like clarification on what it all means or how and where you might be affected; Designing Worlds invite you to e-mail them with your question, or leave it as a comment below the programme announcement on their website, and they’ll endeavour to put it before the panel.

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