SL project updates week 41 (1): Server, viewer, general updates

A quick summary for now, as I’m a little caught-up in RL bits.

Server Deployments – Week 41

As always, please refer to the week’s forum deployment thread for the latest news and updates.

Second Life Server (Main Channel)

There have been no updates to the Main channel.

Second Life RC BlueSteel, RC Magnum, and RC LeTigre – Wednesday October 9th

The RC channels should all receive on update, but otherwise remain on the package deployed in week 40.

The one addition to the package is the fix for the llGetCameraRot() LSL function, which I reported on here, and relates to a “lazy” update to scripted objects using this function as a result of recent interest list updates.

Release notes for the package are the same for all three RCs, BlueSteel is the one linked to.

If all goes according to plan, this RC deployment should be promoted to the Main channel in week 42, and new packages deployed to the RCs.

SL Viewer Updates

Following the promotion of the Maintenance RC viewer to the de facto release viewer, Monday October 7th saw the Snowstorm contributions RC updated to version, based on the new release viewer code base, and the Google Breakpad RC viewer was similarly updated on Tuesday October 8th, to version

Interest List

Andrew Linden reports he is trying to get some regions up and running on Aditi to test scene loading. All things being equal, the viewer-side code which utilises the recent interest list updates deployed to Agni should make a debut appearance  (probably as an RC maintenance viewer) in week 41, however, Andrew also commented on the fact that odd little bugs keep showing-up on the server side which impact the viewer

Group Ban List

Baker reports that he’s working hard to get everything up and running on Aditi over the course of the next two weeks. Internal testing of his code should commence this week, and he warns he may miss his target as a result of personal commitments.

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  1. I wonder if they will work on the issue on the Magnum channel that has broken the arrows for the GM meter system?


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