A walk through Harrowdale


I recently had the opportunity to wander through the village and woods of Harrowdale, a new RP region currently under construction in SL. If I’m honest, my time there comprised two visits, each of them shorter than I’d have liked, thanks to RL tapping me on the shoulder or keeping me afk while there.

The region is the work of Arica Storaro, also known as the Blogging Elf, and features medieval fantasy role-play based on the Forgotten Realms. For those familiar with the latter, Harrowdale lies in the Dalelands on the west coast of the Dragonreach both north of Sembia and south-east of Cormanthor. The time frame for role-play is Tarsakh, the Year of Blue Fire, 1385 DR, two months after the Spellplague hit the realms.


A wooded land, Harrowdale is home to a large-ish village, an old, run-down port, and a fortified encampment, all linked by paths and trails, and a few more points of interest besides. A river splits the region in two, the village occupying most of one side of the watery divide, which is spanned by a single wooden bridge. New arrivals appear near the centre of the region at a crossroads, presenting a good opportunity to start wandering and meet the locals – some of whom, it has to be said, may not be friendly once the region opens for role-play!

The village would appear to offer several opportunities for RP employment, with a large tavern and several other places of business to keep people busy. Similarly, the encampment ringed by a protective cheval de frise offers another focal-point. It is apparently a refuge for the homeless, the pointed spars of the fence intended to help ward-off the bandits who roam the woods and may well be based at the old port. Elsewhere are cottages hidden in the woods, and a mystical-looking ruined tower, where torches are kept lit and a large glowing crystal lay nestled at its base.


There’s already a small community forming (several of whom had the pleasure of me landing on their heads during my second visit!), and Arica hopes it’ll grow as news spreads once the region is open. That is planned for the weekend of 5th / 6th October, which will see the region’s dress code / race code strictly enforced – suitable period / fantasy wear only, and only races common to the Forgotten Realms (e.g. humans, drow, elves, orcs, tiefling, dwarves, wizards, etc). Until that time, however, the region is open to casual visitors, whom I can attest will receive a warm and friendly greeting from the locals!


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