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firestorm-logoAhead of the upcoming Firestorm release – which will be available Real SoonTM, (sorry, I can’t say when as Jessica would douse me in catnip and set the moggies on me 🙂 ), Jessica has been busy on a new set of video tutorials for users.

Some of the videos are specific to the upcoming release, and one is for those still using Phoenix and who wish to make the switch to Firestorm. This is something which has been covered before in Firestorm tutorials (and something I’ve attempted to cover myself in the past), but as things have moved on somewhat since those days, the new video has been produced.

The Firestorm 4.4.0 video cover features which are both new to the upcoming release, and which are updated in the upcoming release in comparison with earlier releases of the viewer – such as with object de-rendering, as per the video  below.

The current list of updated videos comprises:

All of these are available on the Phoenix Firestorm You Tube channel, and Jessica informs me that more will be added as and when time permits.

15 thoughts on “Firestorm video tutorials

  1. /me hands Inara a package of 3-week old gummy bears …

    Here, these make great pacifiers for Moggies. Now spill the beans woman! When’s it due out?


    1. The Beta Preview (You have to sign up for a special Group) is very close, maybe even Friday, and the plan is to have that out about a week before the public version. I’m more interested in how Firestorm might change the chat interface than in other new features. It’s close to CHUI, but not the same. It makes long term sense to use the CHUI code, but changing to CHUI would be a problem for everyone. I would miss some features of Firestorms current approach, which are not in CHUI.

      Some of the listed new features, I am likely to use: some not. And my choices are unlikely to be yours,


      1. We’re unlikely to see any major CHUI integration for a while. The focus has been on the features and updates the team has been planning / working on since the last release, major bug fixes (of their own and passed to LL and from LL) and on ensuring Firestorm is ready for Server-side Baking / Appearance (which it is barring any last-minute updates / fixes from LL).


    2. *grabs the gummi bears* “Don’t tell anyone, but Jessica told me the next release will be,” *pauses to stuff mouth with the lovely, juicy gummi bears and chews greedily* “Unn feyh fhgtiugedth dpforisd….” 🙂


  2. I can confirm the Beta Preview is being tested by the volunteers who signed up for the test group.
    And I am already seeing signs of the weekend starting.


      1. I’m hard-pressed to see what cock-ups are down to Firestorm and what are down to the Server, with it being the weekend and all. Some of what I am seeing, it could be either, or both. Are the weekly Cool VL Viewer releases up yet?


        1. The weeklt Cool VL Viewer is our, qirh nwq version numbers. Server Side Baking in all versions, 1.26.4 as “legacy”, 1.26.8 as the stable version, and 1.26.9 as experimental (mesh deformer and materials).

          The site is a bit busy at the moment


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