Return to The Garden

In November 2012, Salome Strangelove opened The Garden, an absorbing, immersive puzzle which is open to all to try their hand.

I reviewed The Garden as it opened last year, and for a time was a regular player, and also found myself attracted to it purely as a place in which to take pictures. In December 2012, I started working on putting together a video for The Garden, but stopped in early January with the project incomplete. Part of the reason for this is because I can’t actually do decent machinima on my current PC; I lack the skill (and hardware) for decent mouse control of the camera, and the PC / GPU has problems trying to run both FRAPS and SL side-by-side without a horrible loss of frames, even with Draw Distance down low and most bells and whistles turned off.

Anyway, for what it is worth and because I hate leaving things unfinished (they eventually all nag at me for attention), I decided to push the video through and upload it to You Tube.

As to The Garden itself, if you’ve not spent time there, I really do recommend you pay it a visit; it’s a fabulously immersive place in which to spend time – and the puzzle is quite addictive!

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2 thoughts on “Return to The Garden

  1. Inara, nice video! and definitely it was/is an addictive puzzle. in fact i hereby apologise to any and all avatars i may have smashed into, ran over or walked through on any of my solve the puzzle in new record time quests. i’m sorry.


    1. 🙂

      Thank you. You went up against the clock as well, did you? I did a number of times, but kept getting defeated by the teleport-induced lock-ups with people coming / going. I’m sorely tempted again now its quieter :).


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