Firestorm re-opens their preview group

firestorm-logoThe Firestorm team have announced the re-opening of their Second Life release preview group, for those who are interested in assisting the team with identifying potential issues / bugs with new releases of the Firestorm viewer.

The announcement, entitled “Feeling Brave?” from Jessica Lyon, reads in part:

“The perfect understanding of an event after it has happened, often when you realize too late what you could have done to avoid it.” We had one of those moments shortly after our last Firestorm release when we discovered that quite a few users were experiencing a bug that made their screens pink. This bug had slipped past our Quality Assurance team and went out in the official release. The hindsight is that we could have offered a pre-release to a larger number of users than what we have in our beta group. Chances are they would have discovered the bug, we would have fixed it and it would not have been released with that bug.

Jessica Lyon: call to the brave - and those willing to follow the rules!
Jessica Lyon: call to the brave – and those willing to follow the rules!

With this in mind, the Preview group has been re-opened in order to try to ensure potentially obvious bugs don’t slip through the net in future and, as with all Firestorm groups, is on open membership. However, as Jessica notes, there are some rules those joining are asked to abide by:

  1. We need your feedback. Please do not just grab the pre-release and run away. That would defeat the purpose of what we are doing, and we will not do it again. Remain in the group and report issues you’ve found. It’s especially important that you report them to our JIRA. Not familiar with or comfortable using the JIRA? We have a wiki page and a Reporting Bugs class to get you acquainted with it.
  2. Do not give the viewer download link out to anyone outside the group. That kind of thing goes viral very quickly, and if we discover during the pre-release test phase that there are some major bugs or worse — exploits — we will have already lost control of the build. If your friends want to use the viewer, the preview group is open to them, as well. The rules apply to them, too.
  3. Re-read rules #1 and #2.

So, if you have an interest in test-driving viewers, and are willing to abide by the stated rules, the Firestorm Preview group might be a group to consider.

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4 thoughts on “Firestorm re-opens their preview group

  1. It would be nice if there were also such a program open to people who primarily use the OpenSim version. :/ Many of us are more than accustomed to being crash test dummies. Use us!


    1. Without wishing to speak for the Firestorm team…

      The Preview group is an SL group, but I assume there is no reason why anyone who uses both SL and OpenSim cannot also join; the only real difference between the two Firestorm versions is the Havok libary access code in the SL version; so even if the OpenSim version isn’t made available to the preview group (which may not be the case), broad-based testing would still have value, surely?

      A potential problem with an “OpenSim group” is where do Firestorm establish it? Firestorm already has a presence on OS Grid, but are the number of active users there who have Firestorm as their primary viewer large enough to warrant the team establishing and managing a Preview group there? Then what of those users who don’t use OS Grid, but have Firestorm as their primary viewer…?

      That said, the Second Life Preview group was relatively easy to establish, as it has actually been around for a good while, but has been dormant as the team discontinued it a while back. Who is to say that if it proves beneficial, and the demand from OpenSim / OS Grid is there, they won’t seek to set-up something similar there? It’s early days at the moment …


  2. It’s long been obvious that there will be a Firestorm release real soon now. It is a necessary part of SSB and a few other lurking changes. And there are problems with the current release that other Viewers, with more frequent upgrades, have fixed.

    So, I am looking forward to the next release.

    But I have more confidence in the Firestorm team than in the Lindens, and they both have to get things right.

    To be honest, I assume that any problem is down to the Lindens FUBARing the servers. The fight is not always be to the strong, etc., but that’s the way to bet.


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