Farewell, Scribbled Hearts

Update August 19th, 2013: Scribbled Hearts has returned to Second Life in its own region. Find out more in my review!

Ziki Questi alerted me to the fact that one of the most photogenic regions in SL will be closing its doors to visitors on December 27th.

Scribbled Hearts at Water Reserve has become a something of a place of renown among SL explorers and photographers for being a haven of peace, tranquility and beauty. It is somewhere I only recently discovered for myself late-on in 2012, and it became an instant favourite with me; a place I returned to a lot during Autumn / winter, and which I blogged about in October.

Scribbled Hearts at Water Reserve

The reason for the closure is related to one of the people behind the region, Meme, having decided to take a break from Second Life. She announced the decision in a post to her Flickr feed, which reads:

Meme's note on the closure of Scribbed Hearts
Meme’s note on the closure of Scribbled Hearts

This was followed on December 24th with a further note stating Meme has decided to take a long-term, possibly indefinite, leave of absence from SL while she deals with rl issues – news which will come as a sad blow to many who have admired her work and enjoyed Scribbled Hearts, as well as to her friends in SL.

While the note above quotes December 27th as the closing date for the region, other than the landing zone, it is in fact effectively closed as of today. Those wishing to take a last look around at Scribbled Hearts in all its winter glory can still do so for now – but the clock is ticking, and some of the builds have already gone.

Scribbled Hearts at Water Reserve in winter
Scribbled Hearts at Water Reserve in winter

I’ve loved my all-to-brief acquaintance with Scribbled Hearts, and to Meme and all who have made it so memorable to so many, all I can do is add my thanks to an already long list of admirers.

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3 thoughts on “Farewell, Scribbled Hearts

  1. It’s a pity when creative people leave SL; it only serves as a sobering reminder of how temporary everything really can be in here.


    1. Thanks for bringing it to my attention through your blog, Ziki. Not just the closure, but the fact it was there at all; I loved my explorations and time spent just sitting and thinking, all discovered through your pages.


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