Patterns: updated Genesis release now being sold directly through the Lab’s Patterns website

LL logoUpdate, October 9th, 2014: Linden Lab announced that development work on Patterns has been discontinued.

On Friday December 21st, Linden Lab announced it is now selling Patterns directly through its own website at Until now, the first of Linden Lab’s new products to be released had only been available via Steam, requiring those wishing to purchase it to set-up an account with Steam prior to being able to download Patterns.

Patterns: development isn't a case of "either/or" with Second Life (image courtesy of Linden Research Inc.)
Patterns: now available directly from Linden Lab at (image courtesy of Linden Research Inc.)

In a press release announcing the move, Linden Labs state:

Today, the updated Patterns ‘genesis release’ is available at at a 50% discount for adventurous early adopters. Since the genesis release of Patterns was first launched in October, updates have expanded the game with new substances you can destroy, build with, bounce, and slide on; new formations you can create to blow things up or cover surfaces with ice; new planets to explore; and more … Buyers of the Patterns genesis release will receive all updates up to and including version 1.0 at no additional cost.

Initial take-up of the product appears to have been strong, with many non-SL users already signed-up to Steam downloading and engaging with the game, leading to a fairly lively Patterns community on the website. Many have also produced their own videos of the game in use and have put forward suggestions and ideas for the development of the game. Feedback has been such that Linden Lab has routinely issues updates and improvements to Patterns, many of which incorporate ideas and feedback obtained about the game and its user interface.

Commenting on the reception and take-up of the game in the press release, Rod Humble says: “Patterns is still in its infancy, but it’s been great to see the early positive reviews and the fantastic things that our founding players have already created … There are lots of exciting developments on the roadmap for Patterns in 2013 as we progress towards version 1.0, and we’re happy to be able to give interested early adopters more ways to get into the game at this early stage.”

The new release of Patterns marks the sixth update to the game and includes:

  • Contact Bomb explodes on contact.
  • Time Bomb goes off after a short while
  • Trigger Bomb and Plunger allows you to set it off remotely
  • Ice Bomb spreads ice all over the blast radius
  • Proxy Bomb build it and it will go off
  • Kiln and Forge that enables you to take a substance and turn it into another substance. Turn clay to brick for example
  • Visual updates to the sky
  • New day night cycle measured by sun and moon
  • An assortment of visual effects for physical substances
  • New character animations.

A video has been produced to provide an overview of the new features.

The video also provides an overview of some of the forthcoming features in 2013. Chief among these will be the ability to share creations and builds with other users of Patterns, and to download and modify builds by others. Whether or not this will see a means for people to monetize their creations in the future remains to be seen; certainly, this has been mentioned in the past where the new products are concerned, and particularly with reference to Creatorverse, so it is not unreasonably to assume Patterns may well also be moving in this direction.

Also coming in 2013 – and which most definitely has been repeatedly requested by Patterns users is multiplayer support.

The caption says it all (courtesy Linden Lab)
The caption says it all (courtesy Linden Lab)

There are no time frames for the delivery of either the capability to share builds or multiplayer support – which is entirely in keeping in the Lab’s philosophy of not assigning dates to feature deliveries. However, that both are going to appear in 2013 is liable to make those already actively engaged with Patterns very happy.

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