Of Whispering Wind, potato soup and moving in Second Life

Update November 2013: Tatty Soup is no longer on Whispering Wind, but has been replaced by a private parcel with limited access. Tab Tatham’s store, Junk, can now be found in a sky setting at Tagus.

When I was growing up, winter was always marked by one thing in our household: the return of Mum’s home-made potato soup. Nothing was more warming or comforting to me when I was very little, than knowing that when I got home from school on a particularly cold day, or after I’d been running round in the snow and frigid air at weekends, Mum would invariably deliver up a hot mug of potato soup. Even today, potato soup, made to Mum’s recipe, is still very much a winter feature.

Coming across the name “Tatty Soup” within Second Life, therefore, had me intrigued; finding it to be a region themed for winter had me instantly in love with the place. For the last two weeks I’ve been back and forth snapping away, capturing the region for a blog post and posting thoughts to my feed in the form of images captured in the region.

Tatty Soup as was

Today, Tatty Soup is no more. The sim extenders have gone, the region is largely underwater, Tab Tatham’s store in the south-east corner – all gone. Not that Tab herself has quit SL or stopped marketing or anything like that; she’s just used the magic of Second Life to move to territories new. To Whispering Wind, in fact, a region she now shares with the L2 Studio group.

Tatty Soup, Whispering Winds
Tatty Soup, Whispering Wind

As with the old store, the “new” Tatty Soup sits within a beautiful, wintry region where the snow lies deep and one is invited to wander freely on both sides of the region – Tatty Soup and L2 Studio, which is owned by Lindini2 Lane – both being open to the public.

Tatty Soup
Tatty Soup, Whispering Wind

The entire region is beautifully put together, and for her part, Tab has retained the windlight settings from her old location for both sky and water, as well as having done much to recreate the look and feel of the original, all of which encourages one to explore and enjoy.

I’ve written elsewhere of my love of the winter time and snow, so I’m not going to repeat comments here. Suffice it to say that it does bring out something of the romantic in me, particularly when thinking back to my early childhood years and all those snow-filled winters I remember and the wonder of seeing (sometimes at least) snow on the ground actually at Christmas…

Tatty Soup, Whispering Wind
Tatty Soup, Whispering Wind

One of the things I love about Tatty Soup is the windlight; it reminds me so much of long wintry walks through the January / February snow, often early in the morning (so I could catch the snow in its “virgin” state before footprints appeared everywhere), with perhaps a hint of fog or mist still lifting in the air, and the snow that perfect, fresh-fallen blanket which would give just a hint of resistance with each step before the crust crunched underfoot and collapsed almost with s soft sigh…

Tatty Soup, Winter Wind
Tatty Soup, Winter Wind

Over the hills running along the centre of the region, the L2 Studio lands continue the winter theme, but the windlight presents you with and more “winter’s afternoon” feel, with the snow bright on the ground, and the sun warm on your back.

L2 Studio Group, Whispering Wind
L2 Studio Group, Whispering Wind

Both invite you to play with windlight and see what effects can be created – although I admit, I tended to stay with the Alchemy Immortalis sky setting Tab uses, mixing it occasionally with Blizzard and Torley’s  Ice-like for the water.Night settings also enhance the winter magic of the region.

L2 Studio Group, Whispering Wind
L2 Studio Group, Whispering Wind

Photographers in particular should have fun with Whispering Wind right now, and the snow and places to sit make it something of a nice place to visit and sit awhile either on your own or with a friend. Tatty Soup store and the L2 Studio builds are more than worth a visit as well, and you might even find Christmas purchase or two in Tab’s store.

If you do get too cold in your wanderings, you can always warm yourself up….

Tatty Soup, Whispering Wind
Tatty Soup, Whispering Wind

I’m actually not much of a “Christmas” person if I’m totally honest; I wouldn’t say I’m Scrooge’s wife in any way, but overall, Christmas as a holiday is something I can take or leave. Snow on the ground and a crisp freshness in the air, however, well that’s something else entirely. Give me snow-filled fields, trees with branches sprinkled white and places to explore and wander, and I’m yours.

If you enjoy snowy walks, photography and capturing moments in time, Whispering Wind is more than worth a visit. For now, however, I’m off for a hot bowl of – yes, you’ve guessed it, potato soup.

Tatty Soup, Whispering Wind
Tatty Soup, Whispering Wind

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