Together for Sway

Update January 3rd, 2012: Together for Sway raised L$1,551,825 in just two weeks.

Sway Dench has been a resident of Second Life for over five years, and is possibly most famous for her Cookie Bears.

Sway Dench
Sway Dench

Sway was recently diagnosed with a tumour in her brain. While benign and non-life threatening, the tumour nevertheless needs to be removed, and Sway has been scheduled for surgery in some 6-8 weeks time, after which she is liable to be convalescing for up to six months.

As Sway’s SL business is her major source of income, and is liable to be impacted by both the surgery and the period of convalescence, a group of friends and content creators have rallied to her support and organised Together for Sway, which runs from now until the end of December 2012.

Together for Sway
Together for Sway

Together for Sway features a special vendor area, complete with donation boxes, offering a range of goods an items for sale with all proceeds going directly to assisting Sway Dench. Entertainments will also be provided during the time Together for Sway is running, and details on these are liable to appear on the Together for Sway blog.

In addition, on Friday 21st December, commencing at 17:00 SLT,  Rebel Yell Concerts will be hosting a Nickelback concert for Sway, where donations can also be given.

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Any inquiresrelated to Together for Sway should be forwarded to either Valena Vacano, Damien Fate, or Ephedra Loon.

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