Calling all Phoenix users

PhoenixJessica Lyon has announced she and the Phoenix  / Firestorm team will be holding an Office Hour meeting, and all users are invited. Jessica is particularly keen to have users on Phoenix attend the meeting, commenting:

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend but I especially want to see Phoenix Viewer users in attendance as the primary topic will be about Phoenix and its future. I also would like to see all you angry people who have been flaming and hating on us in our blog comments. I’d like to address your complaints so please at least be on the stream if you can. 

Because the lack of Phoenix Viewer development and in fact the future of the Phoenix Viewer itself needs to be discussed and your questions/concerns need to be addressed.

Firestorm users are also obviously welcome.

Event Details

Those wishing to attend / join the stream are advised to turn up around 30 minutes ahead of the meeting. As there are limited slots for both the in-world event and the stream, it would be advisable if those attending the event don’t also run the stream, as this could prevent others who are unable to get in-world from watching and listening on-line.

The event will be recorded for future playback.

7 thoughts on “Calling all Phoenix users

  1. People are still using Phoenix? Why? Firestorm has a Phoenix skin (although I’ve not tried it) but I don’t really understand why people are clinging on to it.


  2. Well, some people still use phoenix because the interface. others run phoeneix because the cant run anything else good. If phoenix would work with windows 8. i love to use it as secondary viewer to. its just a light viewer.


  3. It’s lighter than Firestorm, it doesn’t have annoying Toasts, it works better than Firestorm… I’ve actually moved to other viewers because I loathe V3 and clones.


  4. I’d happily run Firestorm with the Phoenix skin if it would perform at a decent level on my 18 month-old top of the line MacBook Pro, but it doesn’t. So, it’s still Phoenix for me. I’m sure there are many of us “clinging” to Phoenix for this reason.


    1. I’m on Firestorm ( until I switch back to an Ubuntu 12.04LTS-based distro, as 12.10-based ones have some issues here and there) and my computer is anything but a range-topper; it’s a 3-year-old piece of mediocrity with an Intel Pentium Core Duo T4300 processor and an ATI Mobility Radeon HD4500 GPU. One could pick up something like that secondhand for as little as $100. As for the performance I get? It always depends on my graphics settings – I run in deferred lighting mode with a draw distance of 128 meters, and on healthy regions (i.e. regions that are not bogged down with a ridiculous amount of scripts and/or overuse of 1024×1024 textures) it’s usually pretty decent. I would expect an “18 month-old top of the line MacBook Pro” would have much better performance than my computer with any viewer, regardless of whether it’s based on the 1.x, 2.x or 3.x codebase.


  5. Yeah I’m on Phoenix at least until I can upgrade to a better computer. Right now any of the V3 viewers cause my graphics card to heat up really fast and I can get around an hour of use before it shuts down. Sometimes less depending on what I’m doing inworld.

    Sadly that time for the office hour meeting isn’t at a time when I can be on. Have previous real life plans already made.


  6. as of now development will stop on phoenix and 31-12 they will no longer suport phoenixviewer, when the new bakefail code comes from LL the viewer is not going to render avatars they stay gray. End of v1 viewers so ppl you have 2 to 3 months to get a better computer that runs v3 viewers.


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