SL project news: week 50/1: Server, JIRA, mesh and Shining

Server Deployments

Due to the offline e-mail issue involving scripted objects, as reported in my last news update, there has been no Main Channel deployment this week. Two RC deployments are currently planned for Wednesday 12th December, however. These are:

  • BlueSteel and LeTigre: should receive the same maint-server project that rolled to Magnum in week 49, with bug fixes arising from that deployment. The release notes are available for review
  • Magnum should receive a superset of the changes scheduled for BlueSteel and LeTigre, which includes extra bug fixes, including stability improvements and a memory leak fix.  
    • The only new feature new to Magnum is an increase in the allowed animation asset size – the 60KB size limit on animation assets has been raised to 120KB. This change is to allow for longer and more complex animations to be made in the future, once an viewer-side update to allow 60-second animation loops has been implemented. Magnum’s release notes can be read here.
So be sure to read them :-) (with thanks to Whirly Fizzle for the link)
So be sure to read them 🙂 (with thanks to Whirly Fizzle for the link)

Update on Key Region Issues

Physics Memory / Region Performance

As reported last time, the physics memory issues affecting some regions, which I reported in week 47, had been tracked down by Simon Linden to a Havok issue related to navmesh rebakes. His fix for this problem cleared QA and forms a part of the RC deployments for the 12th December, together with a fix for a low-level threading problem within the simulator code which has also been causing region crashes.

Offline IMs from In-world Objects Failing to Forward to E-mail

This issue, linked to llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(), caused the RC deployments in week 49 to be rolled back on Thursday 6th December. A fix has been developed and tested and is included in all three RC deployments planned for Wednesday 12th December.

Code Freeze / No Change Windows

Again, to re-iterate from my last report, there will be no server-side code changes over the holiday period as follows:

  • Week 52  – commencing Monday December 24th
  • Week 1, 2013 – commencing Monday December 31st

Simon Linden still hoped that one of the code being deployed to the RC channels this week can be rolled to the Main Channel in week 51. There will likely be a further update on this following the Thursday Server Beta UG.

JIRA / Bug Tracker Update

Linden Lab are still mulling the September closure of the old public JIRA system. Since the initial shut-down, things have opened up a little. Additional JIRAs have been left open as read only beyond the initial triage, while others have been opened and have had their comments enabled in order to allow feedback – such as the CHUI JIRA, which is being very constructively used for comments and feedback and shows how, in an ideal world, the system might work.

Currently, it appears that “nothing definitive” has been decided on the change, although it has been under internal discussion.

Feedback from those in the two JIRA support groups (developers who have significantly contributed code and those who have in the past supplied significant support in handling JIRAs) has been interesting. It appears that the number of feared duplicates on issues has been a lot smaller than had been feared. The overall quality of input given using the new form also appears to have been significantly improved since it was introduced.

Bug Tracker
Bug Tracker

On the flip side, however, feedback also suggests that confusion does remain for those filing. The new system remains without a “new feature request” category, for example (and LL don’t appear to feel one is warranted as feature requests and bug reports were equally mixed-up under the old system), and some feel that the new form itself is still poorly organised and suffering from mismatched headings – something the Lab is potentially more willing to address.

Obviously, while this feedback is interesting, it doesn’t actually help those not in the support groups with JIRA access. For the majority of people who have a genuine interest in problems  – even just checking-up on how their own issue might be moving – the JIRA remains a locked box once things move beyond the triage stage. Even set to Read Only, having JIRA viewable is still a powerful means of outward communications from the Lab to those with genuine concerns around SL issues and problems and suggestions for things like future viewer enhancements, as it provides a window on what is happening, what has been proposed and how far along the line specific problems are in terms of resolution / fix.

In the meantime, if you have concerns / suggestions on how the new system can be further improved, the JIRA survey is still open for comments. It’s not clear if feedback is still being reviewed (although it appears any results from the survey may not have yet been circulated internally at the Lab), but as Oz Linden commented, “If it’s still there, it can’t hurt to fill it out.”

Mesh Upload Issue

There have been ongoing problems with mesh .DAE file uploads (JIRA SH-3055), as reported in previous SL Project News updates in this blog. Concerns were recently raised that the matter might be getting pushed to one side by Linden Lab as the JIRA was recently updated with a status of “Resolved” while the fix itself had not appeared in any version of the official viewer.

In actual fact, the fix in question has been incorporated into a build and is with LL’s QA team. However, as the build includes a number of other fixes, merging the code with the current viewer development / beta branches of the viewer code is taking longer than anticipated while problems with some of the other fixes are overcome.

Currently, the latest version of the build containing the fix can be downloaded for those needing to test it, and it will be appearing in the usual viewer code branches as soon as it has cleared QA and has been merged-up.

Note that the above link is static, and the build may change.

Shining Updates

Server-side Avatar Baking
Bake fail: news expected real soon
Server-side baking: news expected real soon

Nyx Linden provided a very brief update on this project at the Content Creation User Group on Monday 10th December. While he had little to say on specifics, he did reiterate again that good progress is being made on the new service, and all things being equal, he’ll be in a position to give a more in-depth update on the overall status of the project in week 51.

Interest Lists

The first phase of Andrew Linden’s Interest List work has passed through QA and been added to the RC deployment queue. With the upcoming code freezes (see above), the interest list code will not reach any RC channel until early 2013. In the meantime, those wishing to test it can do so on Ahern and Morris on the beta (Aditi) grid.

My last in-depth update on interest lists can be found here.

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  1. I don’t know how other people think on the subject, but my feeling about the current JIRA system is that I would be wasting my time making a report. Let the people in the support groups report the bugs. Somebody might listen to them. About the only thing I feel it is worth me doing is reporting an apparently offline region. I do at least stand a chance of noticing whether anything happens.


    1. I do wonder if a lot of people feel that way; there is simply no incentive to remain engaged in pro-actively assisting LL when you have asbolutely no idea as to what is going on elsewhere. At least making them visible in a read-only mode would encourage some to re-engage in matters. Even if you can’t comment on something directly, you can at least see who is, and see what is going on and offer-up the occasional suggestion to those who are shaking the branches on problems to try and figure them out. The only problem there, of course, is those who are able to update JIRA themselves becoming the targets of a heap of IMs / notecards – helpful or (potentially) otherwise.


  2. The last Jira issue I created has been marked as a duplicate of another report. I can’t see the other report, I don’t have permission to view it, which I don’t find remotely helpful. I’ll wait to see how this pans out with regards to the issue getting fixed, it isn’t currently fixed so I’d hope I will get some feedback on my report when the issue is fixed.


    1. That’s the thing about having fewer duplicates than originally feared: There won’t be many duplicates if there aren’t many people using the system, and who’s going to use the system after their report is closed as duplicate of a hidden report?

      It’s like saving on gas by driving a Jaguar. They get lousy mileage, but they make up for it by always being in the shop.


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