SL project news: week 43/4: server updates

Week 43 Deployments

Main Channel

Tuesday October 23rd saw an update to the main channel which should have minimal impact on things, the changes having previously been on the Magnum RC channel. LL have been monitoring the deployment and have seen no adverse impacts.

BlueSteel RC

The BlueSteel RC channel received a further update to the current server maintenance project aimed at general stability improvement.


LeTigre is currently the focus of the server modernisation project, and as such received further updates to the deployment of Havok 2012.1. This means that mesh vehicles will continue to be unable to cross from LeTigre into regions running on other server channels for the time being.

As previously reported in part one of this week’s project news, LeTigre contains an updated cURL library which may cause problems for services using an external website for frequent data updates. The issue affects llHTTPRequest.

Essentially, the problem is that until now, the cURL library used by LL uses an explicit call to ensure data being returned from an external web service (such as information relating to the health status of breedable animals) is “fresh” data, rather than anything which may have been cached along the way. As such, specific functionality hasn’t previously been required within LSL to ensure this is the case.

However, The new cURL library deployed to LeTigre no longer attached the explicit call (technically a Pragma: no-cache header) to outgoing requests. This means that information being returned as a result of a call to an external service may in fact come from data cached along the way (such as from an intermediary server). Obviously, receiving “old” data would not be good for things like breedables, which could end up dying.

To overcome this, LL have added a new flag to the llHTTPRequest function to achieve the same result as used to be achieved via the old cURL library attaching the Pragma no cache “request”. In the meantime, anyone with breedables or other services which rely upon frequently updated data from an external web service have been advised to test their products on LeTigre.

Magnum RC

The Magnum RC channel was to have received a series of bug fixes, together with Baker Linden’s code for large Group Services. However, a showstopper issue was discovered with llSensor(). As a result, the release was rolled back and replaced with the BlueSteel deployment.

Also to have been included with this release is a new capability allowing the simulator to report information about script permissions granted to objects within a region. This capability requires an update to the viewer in order to be used (the code for which is currently held-up due to the beta viewer issues). Once the viewer code has been released, the new capability will allow users to list all items in a region to which they’ve granted permissions (such as items which have been granted animate permissions) and, if required, revoke them.

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