Network Optimisation: LL seek assistance

Linden Lab are in the process of changing the manner in which network traffic is handled within Second Life, and require assistance in testing the changes made to date in order to ensure various services are functioning correctly prior to rolling-out the changes to the grid as a whole.

To this end, Oskar Linden posted the following request in the Server forum late on Wednesday 10th October:

Linden Lab has made some changes to the way regions handle network traffic. We need your help to test. This will help us insure that regions are communicating appropriately over the network. Mainly we are concerned with agents entering via direct login, teleport, and region crossing. As well as other functions such as IMs, Voice, and Group chat.

Tomorrow, October 11th, at 4PM Pacific time (right after the server beta user group) we will conduct these tests with as many people as we have. Testing will take place on ADITI and require out of world communication we will be coordinating via IRC. This will require an IRC client connected to EFNET in the channel #sltest. If you don’t know how to do that you have until tomorrow afternoon to figure it out. 🙂

The details on the tests are here:


I hope you can come and help us test these new changes.


The tests will comprise three parts:

  • Direct log-in test to a pre-determined location on the beta grid.
  • A group chat test via the Second Life Beta in-world group.
  • A teleport test to a pre-determined location.

Note that Voice is also indicated as one of the services to be tested, but no details on what this will entail have as yet been included in the test notes – please check both the note and Oskar’s forum thread for possible updates on this ahead of testing.

Those wishing to take part in the tests will need to:

  • Be members of the Second Life Beta in-world group
  • Be able to log-in to the Aditi beta grid

The tests will be coordinated on IRC using the EFnet channel #sltest, and those involved in the tests will need to be able to access this channel either via the EFnet website or through an IRC client.

Accessing the #sltest channel on the EFnet website – note you do not require a registered account; you can access the channel using any suitable nickname

The tests are due to commence at 16:00 SLT.

Note that these changes are not related to the region lag issue sudden and massive lag spikes, as reported in the Server forum threads, but rather appear to be part of ongoing network-related work.

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