Exodus Beta 7 released to address issues & I take some photos

exodus-4When reviewing the Beta 6 release of Exodus, I missed an issue with Alpha textures. This was reported to the team, who immediately set to work on fixing the problem and taking care of a few other issues. The result is that there is now a new release – Beta 7) available for download.

Specific fixes comprise:

  • Water no longer renders black (white under AMD hardware) under certain circumstances
  • Alpha blended fullbright objects no longer render white under certain circumstances
  • Eyelashe rendering correct so they no longer show as white under certain circumstances
  • Fullbright on rigged meshes now gamma correct in Gamma Correction
  • Fixed alphas on fullbright requiring gamma correction
  • Fixed projected textures not being gamma corrected
  • Fixed rigged meshes not being gamma corrected properly under most circumstances
  • Fixed cases when using forward slash in chat played typing animation.

Further, the team have made the following changes / additions:

  • Changed default inventory icon style to the original icons
  • Modifications in attempt to clean up the preferences window and remove old UI preferences
  • Changed maximum shadow quality to 4.0, as requested
  • Sun/Moon light color is now gamma corrected when gamma correction is enabled
  • Added “refresh texture” feature from Firestorm Viewer
  • Added option to see threat indicators in third person
  • Added more adjustable settings related to glow, ambient occlusion and shadows to the visuals window.

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Exodus runs extremely well on my PC, and as there is a new release that fixes a few things, I gave it a quick spin photo-wise at Black Spot. I think you’ll agree, the results are impressive.

Shaders active, no deferred rendering or other effects
With deferred rendering active – note the local lights from the ships and the quays reflected in the water
With deferred rendering active, plus high precision options of gamma correction and tone mapping
Deferred rendering, high precision actrive and vigette set to .870

Beta 7 ran at 38fps on High at Black Spot, dropping to 11 with deferred active; turning on the high precision options did not further impact performance. I’ll attempt to run my “comparison test” on the release tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Exodus Beta 7 released to address issues & I take some photos

  1. tried to run this viewer at max settings, medium fps 40 in all places i went, be empty sim or croweded club.
    Still not allow draw distance to go up to more then 512m!
    Im used to 1024 all time.
    Can’t override hardware so i used the mac in viewr allowed, image looks pretty good, and the space you got free on screen even compared to v1 viewers, is noticiable.
    Using ui set to 1.4, 1980×1080 screen resolution, major fonts.
    Only the lack of a radar like phoenix does not make me my preferred user right now, but the change from v1 to this 1 is really easy!
    Still i see always a drwa white line that shows a end of a sim and didn’t find a way to turn that off!
    If all the other Tpv based on v3 will look like this 1, sooner i hope to move forward.
    (as soon as i can get a radar as usefull as phoenix).
    ned to try latest Niran’s, still!


    1. Glad you found it to your liking. The white line denoting the sim edge seems common to all V3-based Viewers (at least for those using nVidia cards). I assume it is a glitch in the rendering pipe.

      1024m would seem inordinately high for draw distance; that’s going to be impacting your system’s performance, and could well be impacting others around you.


  2. Don’t know about impact on others , as me, my love and our pet always use 1024 all times without problems!
    For sure know that it is much easy to race with a draw distance of 1024, after all the textures of a sim rezz, then 256 (never less then that, you cant see the corner on a track coming with less then 256m draw distance)!
    About system performance, if i cant handle Sl then i doubt most will not handle it as well!
    My rig is less then a year, top notch tech, full buld just for a single purpose, Second Life.
    Win7 64b ultimate, Intel 7 quad, medium set, Nvidea Gtx8580, 12 giga ddr3r ram, power source of 1200 Mw!
    The latest internet connection, Optical fiber dedicated of 200Mega download per sec, and 25Megas upload!
    Even my previous computers can still run Sl at max specs (win x32 sp3, Amd tricore, Nvidea gtx260 , 4giga ram ddr3, 1200 mw power source, and the same but with a Amd dual core and a Gtx9800!
    All of them run 24h per day non stop (Maintened and cleaned once in 6th monts, last was about 1 month ago, by a professional).
    So i will not even of thinking of your accusation that running at 1024 can have negative impact on others, sorry but if so, Ll official viewers should not let that option available form start!
    Of course it can have a negative impact in how faster things rezz, for Me, and that means like 1min on phoenix pre mesh, same on Exodus or singularity mesh, or even Niran’s, much more on phoenix mesh (reason i didnt use it)!
    So if i can have a viewer that allows me to go up to 1024, ill use it, all times, and if one just let me use 512 is not cause to not use it!
    What is still the main reason for not making exodus my main viewer (i tried Niran’s latest, but i have to say that the im’s coming on the bottom right, and not figuring a way of making them as on exodus, on top right, was enough to make me quit using it!) is still the fact that my nvidea card, supposedly the top notch a few months ago, can override the AA and AQ of any mesh viewer!
    I hope that the bug that you told me, can be somehow related, but i didnt found any Jira about these, unless one that the lab never answered, form while back (september i beleave), so i know that its not my problem only, but seems not one that affects all (still why the pre mesh, all of them, i can see the notice when enabling higer aa and aq via graphics and disabling it in viewer and on a mesh viewer if i disable aa and Aq no matter waht, it will stay disabled???)


    1. No accusation was made; I simply observed the fact that you’re placing a large call on the server and your cache.


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