Hypergrid Business OS Grid Survey 2011

Hypergrid Business, the online magazine run by colleague Maria Korolov has launched its 2011 OpenSim Grid Survey. The first such survey was conducted in 2010, and yielded some interesting results.

This year’s survey is again anonymous – although you will have to supply an e-mail address, this is only for validation purposes to prevent people submitting multiple forms on (for example) the same grid; no personal data will be held on-file, post verification.

Some 20 grids are listed in the survey – although there is space for you to add any grid not on the list. Also, if you do split your time between two or more OS grids and wish to respond to the survey for each of them, you can do so – but make sure you make it clear you are doing so in the COMMENTS field, or you may run the risk of all your submissions being invalidated.

In announcing the survey, Maria describes its purpose thus, “The goal of this survey is to help potential new residents and merchants identify grids they’d want to visit — and to help alleviate some of the fears that people have about OpenSim grids.”

She goes on to state that people should, “Please keep in mind that the more people respond to the survey, the more meaningful it will be. If only a couple of folks comment about a particular grid — and one of them has a bad experience — it may put the grid in an unfairly bad light.”

I’ve already completed the form for the grids I spend my time in when not in SL and for which I can give an accurate set of answers (there are some I’ve spent time in, but not in enough depth to be able to assess things like the overall community, support, etc.).

If you do spend a regular amount of time in an OS Grid, be it small or large, please take time out to complete the survey – it takes about a minute of your time.

You can reach the survey directly from here.

2 thoughts on “Hypergrid Business OS Grid Survey 2011

  1. Inara —

    Thanks for highlighting this! We’ve already had over 200 responses — more than we had last year — after just a day. About 3/4 of the responses were for InWorldz, Avination, and OSGrid (in that order), and the rest split between all the smaller grids. That’s pretty much in line with the usage numbers for those three grids — and a nice, independent confirmation of other data we gather.

    I’d love to see more survey responses from some of the smaller commercial grids — 3rd Rock, SpotON3D, ReactionGrid.

    A lot of folks are also adding comments elaborating on their experiences with the grids, and we’ll be running representative samples of those as well. Some nice insight there into what’s going on in different worlds!

    — Maria


    1. Glad to help 🙂

      Look forward to seeing the rests, and will run a follow-up pointing to them.


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