Making the ocean a shared creative space: The Blu

Shared creative space and shared creativity tool – they’re becoming popular terms. Not only does Rod Humble refer to Second Life as a shared creativity tool, he suggested that shared creative space might be a Good signpostfor his thinking around at least one new product that will be coming out of Linden Lab.

Now it seems another organisation is moving into these areas, offering a web-based shared creative space and a shared creativity tool by which artists the world over can collaborate and, it would seem, make money.

The Blu presents itself as project that brings together digital media, social networking and collaborative workspaces into a global shared creative space. Neville Spitieri, co-founder of WemoMedia, the company behind The Blu, describes it thus:

“The Blu is a global mission to create the ocean on the world-wide web. It’s an interactive world where every species and habitat is a unique work of art created by digital artists and developers from all over the world.”

One of the aims of the project is to see if the Internet can be a new medium for artistic expression, storytelling and interactive media on a global scale – one which touches on the nature of ecosystems,  conservation and other key issues. Or as The Blu’s website words it, “A global geosocial experience where your participation in the curation of the “ocean on the web” influences everyoneʼs experience of it”.

There are some impressive names linked to The Blu, including:

  • Andy Jones, the Academy Award-winning animation director of Avatar, who describes his attraction to The Blu as arising from, “The possibility to work with thousands, tens of thousands, of artists around the world, that can contribute and make this environment amazing.”
  • Joichi Ito, Director of MIT’s Media Lab
  • Louis Psihoyos, the Academy Award-winning director of The Cove
  • Kevin Mack, the Academy Award-winning VFx Supervisor on What Dreams May Come
  • Richard Taylor, VFx Director, Tron
  • Takahiko Akiyama, CG Director, Final Fantasy.
Richard Taylor talks The Blu

For digital artists wishing to get involved in the project, the benefits are described as:

  • The ability to showcase work across the web
  • Connecting with a global commuinity of peers
  • Direct feedback from Academy Award-winning film makers
  • The opportunity to get paid for creations

The Blu will utilise WemoMedia’s own Maker Platform, described as “An online creative collaboration platform enabling digital artists and developers around the world to peer-produce innovative digital media”. As such, it will be the first such project / product the company will be developing using the Maker Platform.

It’s an ambitious project, and a lot of details – such as how artists get paid for their efforts  – are not presently clear. However, it is certainly intriguing – and it is starting to generate interest; as such, it’s worth keeping an eye-on.

To find out more  – and both see a video outline of the project and sign-up to get invovled – visit The Blu. There’s also a Twitter hastag for those curious  / involved in the project: #theblu

All screencaps used in this piece, ©WemoMedia / The Blu.

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