LL Affiliate Programme: Linkshare

Linden Lab provide an Affiliate Programme that allows anyone with a blog or website to promote Second Life via ads created using destinations contained within the Destination Guide. These ads can be placed within websites and blogs, and commission is earned based on the number of people using the ad to click-through and join Second Life (registrations made within 30 days of the initial click-through).

Note: the Affiliate programme also utilises the Google Affiliate Network via an AdSense account. This article only relates only to the use of the Linkshare Affiliate Network.

Affiliate programme button

Whether you are a Second Life user with a website / blog who wishes to promote SL, or whether you have a specific in-world Destination you would like to link to the Affiliate Programme, the steps for using this capability are more-or-less the same:

Select an entry / your own entry in the Destination Guide
  • Sign-up to the affiliate programme (LL will get back to you on the status of your application within 5 working days)
  • Once you have been approved, pick the Destination Guide entry you wish to use within your website / blog (if you wish to use your own destination, and it is not already included in the Destination Guide, please also refer to the Destination Guide FAQ)
  • Click on the Create Ad Widget and compose a promotional advert based on the Destination you’ve chosen
  • Include your unique Linkshare encrypted ID (from Linkshare)
  • Copy the generated code and embed it within your website / blog.
Embed code in your website / blog


  • Not all requests may be accepted into the programme
  • The Second Life Affiliate commission totals are tabulated every month. Linden Lab pays the Affiliate Network for all qualifying referrals. The Affiliate Network, in turn, distributes these commissions to all qualifying affiliates
  • I cannot answer specific questions on this – I’m just reporting on it!
  • The Affiliate Programme FAQ provides further information
  • The Create Ad widget FAQ provides specific information on using the widget to set-up an ad.

5 thoughts on “LL Affiliate Programme: Linkshare

    1. I was surprised by the fact people at SLCC didn’t seem to be aware of it, hence the article. I’m not sure howw AdSense fits, as the Create and Ad widget only appears to accept Linkshare IDs. Can’t be sure, as I don’t have an AdSense account.


  1. With AdSense you can select from a number (currently 55) of pre-generated ads that are different sizes and contain different images, text etc.. You then copy and paste the provided HTML code into your site.


    1. Tatiana,

      Thanks for the info on Adsense. I’m not signed-up (and have no desire to be!), so providing the info is appreciated. I *did* debate joining to do a follow-up article – perhaps you’d like to on your blog? 🙂


      1. I found joining a fairly painless process and placing the ads themselves was easy. As a site reader, I’m really not a big fan of advertising but having SL Ads on SL themed sites makes a lot of sense to me. I think it’s a winning situation for everyone involved though I doubt it will actually generate much (any?) revenue.


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