Fredrik Linden departing

As reported by Tateru Nino, Fredrik Bjork – better known as Fredrik Linden – is leaving the Lab this Friday and off “on new adventures.”

Fredrik has been at the Lab for around 18 months, predominantly as the Director of Web Engineering. Most recently, he’s been in the limelight with regards to the new web profiles & the social media tools that have been added to them.

As Chair of the Web Profile User Group, Fredrik has always been one of the most attentive and responsive members of the Linden team, seeking-out feedback from users and taking on-board ideas and requests to ensure concerns are met and improvements made. This was very much highlighted with the launch of the social media add-ons to web profiles; when a large number of users voiced concern (via Twitter) over the lack of an option to completely opt-out of the Twitter-like Feed aspect of the software, Fredrik ensured there was such an option within an hour of the launch. Nor did he limit his input to the UG meetings – but clearly sought out views and ideas as expressed through blogs, etc. – as his comments on this blog clearly demonstrate.

Nya Linden will be taking over Fredrik’s responsibilities within the UG from next week, where she’ll doubtless receive Friendly Greetings. To Fredrik, I repeat the words of my Tweet from earlier:

Sorry to hear you’re leaving; but hope the adventures are fruitful. All the best to you 🙂