SLCC 2011 Opens Registrations

SLCC 2011, to be held in Oakland, California, has opened registrations. The event will be held from the 12 through 14th August and I shall once again not be attending. Sorry, but California at the height of the holiday season in the northern hemisphere is not an economical destination.

Apparently, the event will be held on the East Coast on even-numbered years from next year (Boston, to be precise). Again, this isn’t always a particularly low-cost destination from Europe – but it is a bloody sight cheaper than California can be in August. One cannot deny it’s good to see an unbending of the “California only” mentality that seems to have pervaded SLCC up until now. I also happen to love New England, and I’ve always enjoyed time spent in Boston; so maybe next year will be the year in which I actually surprise myself and join the event.

In the meantime, here’s the home page link for the conference.