The ultimate SL Christmas gift

The one “must have” all SL addicts must have…the Second Life Keyboard:

see it in detail

A Second Life parody by Prad Prathivi

Bloodlines: more than a nuisance

First, I’ll (like others) pre-empt this by saying I’m not against vampiric role-play in SL per se. It’s not my cup of tea – but then, there are probably a lot of vampire players out there who don’t find my D/s preferences to their liking. However, SL is a big place to rattle around in, so as long as we all acknowledge one another’s right to hold individual views and interests, and not impinge our own on those around us – then we can all enjoy this metaverse to our hearts’ content.

That said…there is one aspect of vampire “gaming” that has, over the last several months, increasingly climbed up my left nostril, where it has smelt increasingly bad. That aspect is Bloodlines.


Well, first and foremost because it is intrusive – thus breaking the second half of my “live and let live” statement above. I’m frankly sick to death (no pun intended) of Tp’ing somewhere and getting hit with 1, 2, 3 – sometimes even 4 – pop-ups from people wanting to “bite” me. OK. So it is easy enough to click these requests away by hitting IGNORE – but this doesn’t prevent the whole thing becoming an annoyance very quickly. And the whole thing is far, far more insidious than this.

But rather than rattle on about it myself, I’ll direct you over to Boy Lane’s blog, where she has given a very eloquent post on why we should all treat Bloodlines in a very circumspect manner.

Again, to make this clear – I’m not having a bash at vampire players in SL; nor am I hitting out at those who enter Bloodlines with a sincere desire to extend their roleplay enjoyment. What I am doing is – like Boy – highlighting the more insidious aspects of this particular “game” and the manner in which the organisers target the unwary for their own gain.

Certainly, given the sheer nuisance aspect of bite requests landing on people Tp’ing to a new location, rest assured that anyone spamming visitors to i-Squared stores and properties in this manner will be summarily ejected and banned.