Waiting for the OTHER shoe to drop…

I’ve decided that the first requirement to work at Linden Research is to be able to waffle and obfuscate convincingly.

Katt seems to have gotten the role of “Resident Communications Manager” on the strength that she has this ability down pat; most of her posts are waffling inconsequentialities dressed up as something meaningful.

Jack Linden also seems to have the ability to wear the “emperor’s new clothes” equally well, as his latest post on OpenSpace sims ably demonstrates.

Aside from the 3rd paragraph (“For Openspaces that bill from the 1st to the 4th January, you will be charged as usual at the current level. From the 5th January onwards, Homesteads will bill at the new rate of $95 per month”) and another single line in paragraph 4 (“Please be advised that any conversion requests filed after 22nd December may not be completed ahead of January 5th”), this positing actually doesn’t contain anything remotely newsworthy or which hasn’t been previously stated.

Most tellingly, it still fails to mention what the undefined resource caps (beyond avatar limits) are liable to be – what’s more, it doesn’t even make a single mention of them and how they may affect “Homestead” usage.

Now granted, while there is a resource issue that is affecting SL as a whole, and it might be said that no firm announcement on the subject can be made until those directly involved in the decision-making (Babbage Linden, etc.), have come to a final decision – leave us not forget that the re-definition of OpenSpace sims, together with the price hike were originally dressed-up as being “necessary” to alleviate this resource issue and “restore” grid stability.

Ergo, Jack Linden’s post is an alleged “update” on the situation. As such, one would at least expect some mention of the resource issue and what it potentially means for those currently owning OpenSpace sims in order for them to better assess whether it is in fact worthwhile keeping said sims on beyond January 5th, or simply raising a ticket to get rid of them now.

We have just two weeks to go before the switchover – and a good proportion of those two weeks are taken up but seasonal holidays, leaving Jack and his cohorts precious little time to fulfil their promises of full disclosure of Homestead sim performance levels “well ahead” of January 5th. Certainly, there is little time for Linden Lab to “bring Residents into the dialog [about the OpenSpace switchover] earlier” as promised by Mark Kingdon over a month ago.

Mind you, Kingdon’s and Jack’s keenness to engage with users over the subject was demonstrated in the forums at the time the policy change was announced (one reply posted by Kingdon himself and three or so from Jack), and the fact that this latest blog posts is both closed to comments and has no corresponding discussion thread in the forums certainly speaks volumes about LL’s willingness to “bring Residents into the dialog”.

And even Jack’s utter failure to mention anything about potential caps on “Homesteads” suggests one of two things. Either a) the resource issue is now irrelevant as far as OpenSpace sim issues are concerned now that the tier hike has been determined; or b) he simply expects people to take Linden Lab on trust.

Unfortunately, trust is a commodity in short supply when it comes to user / LL relations, and one is left feeling that we’re all waiting for the other shoe to drop in this matter….