Two years on…

This Friday marks my Second Anniversary of re-joining Second Life. Yes, I will have now been here two full years almost entirely without interruption.

For the most part, it’s been an entertaining time; looking back, and despite the fact that certain things cause us to look on SL with jaundiced eyes the longer we are here, I’ve got to say things have changed mightily in that time – and for the better.

Yes, it’s still far from perfect: stbility is an issue; the viewer needs a lot of work; Linden Lab still needs to understand words like “communication”, “two way”, “transparent” and “users” – and the benefit of investing time and effort into them; more needs to be done to stem the flow of bots, etc. BUT…. only a fool would deny that overall the experiences we can have now with SL in these broad terms are 100% better than they were 18 or 24 months ago.

For me the most precious thing about SL is the fact that it is a unique window on a whole world of people I’d otherwise never have come to meet. After two years I’ve come to regard many of those people as friends. Some I know better than others, but all have – knowingly or not – brought something precious into both of my lives, SL and rl.

So, to mark my second anniversary I don’t plan to have a party or much of anything else. I just want to say “Thank you” to all of you whom I know in-world, for making my time here memorable and fun. YOU, more than anything else have made SL a very special place.

And without being overly sentimental, I especially want to thank:

Rena – for being the most amazingly talented person I’ve known. Mother and educator in real life, model, photographer and artist in Second Life, you’ve been a constant source of joy and happiness in my SL life, and I love each and every minute we get to chat and discuss everything from the cost of bread through to the meaning of life, the universe and everything…

TJ – you may have gone from SL now, but you have always been one of two exceptionally special friends who were there in my darkest hours, loving, supporting and enouraging me when I needed it most. Your boundless optimism and your amazing sense of fun were always like long, happy summer afternoons I could simply bask in and enjoy. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you.

Lasher – my Angel, (literally!) and the other pillar of my SL life when things were bleak. An irrasible rogue with a heart of gold. I miss our chats now you’ve left SL, and hope that I’ll get to chat with you again some time.

Anna – genrous, giving, loyal. Thank you for sharing a part of your SL life with me.

James – my Dearest James! The conversations we’ve had! the long nights (for me) happily curled in my chair chatting with you about Everything! The welcome you gave me to your SL home; the confidences we exchanged! I’m still touched by your generosity, belief and support. I know rl keeps you out of SL a lot nowadays, but I still very much enjoy the times when we do get to catch-up in world.

Ollalla – friend, playmate, wonderful tease! Is it really almost two years since we first met? Thank you for your friendship, loyalty and wicked humour!

Chey – generous of heart; warm and loving – and the best latex outfit designer I know – and believe me, I know many!

Alma and Blysse – it’s been a thrill to be a part of your SL lives and plans and to share the excitement as your real lives have grown closer and closer together. You both stand as a genuine testament to what can grow between two people both in SL and in rl.

RM – for simply being you.

Sylvesz – adorable sub and so much more; I’ve known you for over a year, but it is only in the last few months that I’ve really come to know you. I’m glad I’ve been here to listen when you’ve needed to talk, and I’m touched that you view me as someone you can trust.

Bunny – what can I say? Optimism and love incarnate, rolled into a heart of gold, a devious mind and skilled hands!

Solacious – the finest sister and mentor I could ever have asked for in SL.

Minxy – with love, always. Thank you for your infectious sense of fun.

Kelly – dearest Kelly. Would that we were all like you in heart and mind; you truly are extraordinary, and I’m so happy to have you here in SL with me and a part of my family here.

Inara – almost eighteen months on from our first meeting. We’ve played together, laughed together, cried together; just like real life, we’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve teased one another, we’ve excited one anther…we’ve exasperated one another. Yet here we are, still together, still learning, still growing. There is nothing in SL I’d want to do without you; you remain my muse and my love.