3Ms – Mountains, Mandalas and Magic in Second Life

Third Eye Gallery: Mountains, Mandalas and Magic
The idea behind this collaboration was to recreate the magic of nature that resonates with one spiritually and touches one either in the form of falling snow, gentle rain, or floating leaves. We hope you enjoy the creations as much as we did creating them.

– Introduction for Mountains, Mandalas and Magic, Third Eye gallery

Currently open at the Third Eye Gallery, curated by Jaz (Jessamine2108), is a collaborative exhibition by Viktor Savior, Orpheus Paxlapis and Jaz herself, which, as the description above notes, is intended to offer a spiritual reconnection with nature. 

Mountains, Mandalas and Magic sees Vikor produce a series of paintings, the majority of them featuring mountain views (with one perhaps leaning more towards autumn leaves adrift on water, complete with what might be shadowy white Koi below the ripples), Orpheus a series of mandalas, some of which are animated, some of which are static and set within Viktor’s images, and Jaz the particle effects which accompany the paintings in reflection of them: falling leaves, the teardrops of rain, misty clouds and drifting snow…

Third Eye Gallery: Mountains, Mandalas and Magic

In addition, in front of the paintings are static poses – two per image – allowing visitors to take their own photograph before any of the paintings as a keepsake of the exhibition. 

The combination of mandalas with mountains is appropriate; while mandalas are common to the Eastern religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto and Janism, they are perhaps most noted in the west through the growing popularity of Tibetan Buddhism (even though they started in India in around the 8th century), and Tibet offer some of the most stunning mountainous landscaped in the world. 

Set around the water garden of Third Eye gallery, this is an engaging, easy to view exhibition with a spiritual content suitable for the time of year, if not entirely in keeping with the general theme of the yuletide time. 

Third Eye Gallery: Mountains, Mandalas and Magic

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