Bay City 2022 Tree Lighting fund-raiser in Second Life

Bay City Tree Lighting 2022

On Sunday, December 4th, 2022, Bay City will once again be hosting their annual Christmas Tree Lighting and fund-raising event. With it comes an opportunity to support Child’s Play Charity, a 501c3 non-profit organisation offering on-line communities such as the Bay City Alliance the ability to help seriously ill children around the globe during their hospital stays with the purchase of games and gaming equipment.

Activities will commence at 13:00 SLT and run through until 16:00 SLT, taking place at the Bay City fairgrounds. On offer will be:

  • Live entertainment by performers Evee Blackstar and FrankLee Anatra, and music by DJ GoSpeed Racer.
  • A skating party around the base of the tree.
  • The tree lighting itself.
  • Refreshments and fun.

Funds will be raised via a silent auction that will run through until the close of the event. On offer is an impressive range of items kindly donated by designers and creators from across Second Life. Bids are made via vendor, and  should your bid be exceeded by another, your Linden dollars will be automatically refunded. You can, of course, increase your bid if you wish. Items will be awarded to the highest bid when the auction closes.

In addition, donation kiosks are be provided in the Fairgrounds for those who would like to support Child’s Play without participating in the auction.

Bay City Tree Lighting 2022

About Bay City and the Bay City Alliance

Bay City is a mainland community, developed by Linden Lab™ and home to the Bay City Alliance. The Bay City Alliance was founded in 2008 to promote the Bay City regions of Second Life and provide a venue for Bay City Residents and other interested parties to socialize and network. It is now the largest Bay city group, and home to most Residents of Bay City. To find out more, contact Marianne McCann in-world.

Bay City and the Bay City Alliance and Child’s Play

Bay City and the Bay City Alliance have a long history of fund-raising for Child’s Play, and in 2016, they received special recognition by the charity, being awarded Silver Level sponsor on the Child’s Play’s website.

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Art and Cyborgs in Second Life

Subcutan Art Gallery: Sophie de Saint Phalle – Cyborgs

Currently open through December 2022 is Cyborgs, an installation by Austrian artist Sophie de Saint Phalle (Perpetua1010) located within her Sucutan Art region  At its heart Copper plate etchings and lithographs, although they are framed in a much broader story.

Leave the security and assurance of your spoiled civilization and immerse yourself in the fantastic and futuristic world of Cyborgs and dangerous creatures.

Cyborgs by Sophie de Saint Phalle

The full story behind the exhibition can be obtained from the information giver board at the landing point. In short, it is the far future and humanity is now an interstellar civilisation. However, it has also faced numerous wars with other civilisations, some of them possibly biological / genetic in nature, so humans have been left weakened and in need of cybernetic enhancement in order to survive, eventually reaching a point where children are conceived in vivo and assigned to full cyborg bodies which define their role in their civilisation.

Subcutan Art Gallery: Sophie de Saint Phalle – Cyborgs

Within the exhibition, the images represent a group of these human-cyborgs now forced to live bound to a single planet, where limited genetic materials are of ever increasing importance, as does the need for these human constructs to express their humanity. 

Set within an environment representing the landscape of the planet to which they are confined, the installation comprises two parts: the landing point and events area – the installation opened with 6 hours of music – with the second containing the art itself. when visiting, it is essential you have Advanced Lighting Model enabled (Preferences → Graphics → make sure Advanced Lighting is checked), and preferably use the local environment (World → Environment → make sure Used Shared Environment is checked). 

Subcutan Art Gallery: Sophie de Saint Phalle – Cyborgs

Within the art area, the etchings and lithograph are presented mounted on a series of granite-like blocks. At least two copies of each etching is presented, generally on the same block (or a neighbouring block), with each version of an etching given a different finish. They form expressive and very human aspects of life – people at work, people resting from exhaustion, male and female alike. None of them looks particularly “cyborg-like”; rather, but for the title given each piece, these could be studies of fully flesh-and-blood humans. 

And it is in this that the power of the art lies: the rich suggestion of largely artificial beings trying to express (or recapture?) their essential humanness through art and carvings; seeking to reconnect with their species heritage and origins.

As well as the images, the landscape includes figurines intended to represent the races which may have forced humanity down this evolutionary path, the creatures they have had to tame – and the artificial bodies into which they have been forced based not on will or desire, but as a result of genetic make-up and algorithms about which they had no knowledge even as the life-forming decisions were being made about their futures. 

Subcutan Art Gallery: Sophie de Saint Phalle – Cyborgs

Sophie’s work is always evocative and captivating, and Cyborgs offers a further dimension to her work displayed in Second Life, whether you opt to view the pieces as etchings in their own right or within the framework of the installation’s wider narrative. When visiting, do also consider using the teleport disk to visit the other exhibition spaces Sophie has created within her Subcutan arts region (about which you can read about in my January 2022 review). 

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  • Cyborgs, Subcutan Art Gallery (Ocean Island, rated Adult)