Art on the edge of dreams in Second Life

Kondor Art Centre: Hermes Kondor – In The Edge Of The Dream

Now open at the Kondor Art Centre is the most engaging and fascinating series of digital art, presented by the Centre’s owner / curator (and exceptionally talented photographer artist in his own right), Hermes Kondor.

Located within the Centre’s Art Square, In The Edge Of The Dream is a collection of 20 images that combine themes of fantasy, flights of the imagination, the free thinking of childhood, and the freedom all of them can give us. Each and every one of these pieces carries an artistic and narrative richness that is completely stunning and captivating. More than paintings, these 16 works are portals to worlds of wonder, places of mystery and magic, halls of wonder and the marvels of the imagination unlocked when the mind – both in childhood and adulthood – is given the fullest freedom of thought and expression.

Kondor Art Centre: Hermes Kondor – In The Edge Of The Dream

The introduction to the exhibition can be found within a 17th image in the square in words from Hermes himself which are perfectly written and frame the exhibition beautifully. As such, rather than ramble on myself, I’m simply going to quote them here in the hope that in doing so, I can also help visitors frame their mindset in readiness for a visit.

Live the dream, transform yourself into it and discover the Reality of Fantasy.
The Magic is right there, living by your side and inside you. Let yourself be carried away by the Dream of Existing. Be enchanted, play with what you think is real and try to transform Life into Magic. 

– Hermes Kondor

Kondor Art Centre: Hermes Kondor – In The Edge Of The Dream
Delight yourself with the Fantasy that dwells inside the Dream. Discover yourself, finding the other side of the Real. Complete yourself with your inner side and find the supreme Happiness that is right there with you, in the deepest dimension of Life. 
Transform the Dream into Art and join me in the search for who we deeply are.

– Hermes Kondor

In addition to being presented in large format images, the painting in this collection are also available gathered into an in-world coffee table book – perfect for keeping the entire collection at home and being able to enjoy it even if you don’t have sufficient wall space for copies of the individual paintings. The book can be obtained from a table just a short walk from the exhibition’s introduction board – which I’m also using the landing point SLurl for the exhibition in this piece.

Kondor Art Centre: Hermes Kondor – In The Edge Of The Dream

A beautiful exhibition of digital art that really should not be missed.

SLurl Detail

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