A stroll through Moorcroft Village in Second Life

Moorcroft, October 2022 – click any image for full size

It was off to Sansara for me once more for a little more mainland exploration, this time on the advice of Milo Collas, who suggested I might appreciate a wander through the streets and surrounds of Moorcroft, a place that defines itself as the queerest little village on the mainland.

Occupying a full region, Moorcroft is a join effort by members of the Show Society (a group dedicated to enhancing the equestrian community of Second Life through competitive events, shows, clubs, and classes) and their friends, with The Show Society’s founders, Ayame Kintsugi-Moon) (Stable Mum), Teagan Twospirit Kintsugi (DarlingTeagan) plus Pod Heartsong (Podruly Heartsong) leading the charge in mesh and prim pushing and terrain shaping.

Moorcroft, October 2022

In looks, the village appears to have its roots in a number of European countries (France in particular, with touches of Germany and elsewhere. It appears to be built upon the footings of what might have once been a mighty fortress, and is surrounded by the most genteel of countryside settings which blends into the region’s neighbours to the point where in a couple of places, visitors may not actually be aware they have strayed beyond the limits of the village and into the land of its neighbours.

The place I’ve selected to start a visit is the village square, just outside the Moorcroft Information Centre. The latter can provide visitors with information on The Show Society and the events they hold. Moorcroft is obviously an equestrian-friendly location, and the roads and trails winding outwards from the village are ideal for those who have a wearable horse – or who like exploring on foot.

Moorcroft, October 2022

Away from the main roads, the trails and single-track roads wind their way through the region, passing through and around the woodlands, with the longest of them running through the north extent of the region to where a little airstrip sits, which appears to be both a part of, yet separate from, the rest of Moorcroft. It also offers something of a challenging landing: the runway ending in vertical cliffs which tower over it!

The north side of the region is one of several areas which, at the time of my visit still appeared to be under construction (or possibly re-development). There are also one or two uneven points of landscaping within the woods – although these are largely hidden by trees, and the main trails that wind between the tree trunks avoid them and their odd pitfall.

Moorcroft, October 2022

Moorcroft is a place where people can come to level – there are various rentals awaiting discovery – and some of the locals have created some interesting perches.one of these is the Wizard’s Retreat away to the east and sitting high in the rocky hills to provide a commanding view down over the woodlands to the nearby coast.

Proudly LGBTQ+ friendly, offering a mix of architecture that is richly varied and suggestive of a lot of history lying in and around the village, Moorcroft offer plenty of opportunities for exploration and photography and is a charming little jewel sitting within Sansara.

Moorcroft, October 2022

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