SL19B: your unofficial pocket guide to the celebrations

SL19B, June 16th through July 5th, 2022: The Steamworks

Second Life marks its 19th anniversary in 2022 with a week-long celebration of music, entertainment, art and more across 44 regions, nine of which are given over to exhibits from Second Life residents, and which include the companion Shop and Hop event.

With core celebrations running through until Sunday, June 26th, the birthday regions and the Shop and Hop event will remain open through until July 5th, 2022, and the theme for this year’s event is – Steampunk!

The gates have now opened, but as there was no opportunity for any previews by bloggers, etc., in advance, we’re all scrabbling around trying to put things together. Hopefully, however, this will serve as a shorthand guide, and my apologies for any omissions.

Key Events

In terms of major events, what does SL19B hold? Well, the best way the stay abreast of all that’s going on is via the official calendar of events, which I’ve embedded below.

  • Use the Week / Month options, top right to change the calendar view.
  • Click on any given line item on any given day of festivities to view more information, including teleport SLurls.

Grand Opening

Patch Linden will be formally opening SL18B at 12:00 SLT at the Arboretum, which will also be streamed as a You Tube Lab Gab special, in which Strawberry Linden will afterwards host a tour of the SL19B regions.

Meet the Lindens

As per usual, SL19B will feature a series of Meet the Lindens sessions, which can be attended in-world and live streamed via the Second Life You Tube channel. The sessions will all take place at the Arboretum, and will feature the following guests:

Day (Times SLT) Featured Guest(s)
Monday 20th June, 14:00
Patch Linden, Vice President of Product Operations.
Tuesday 21st June, 14:00 Linden Lab Executive Chair Brad Oberwager and Technical Advisor Philip Rosedale
Wednesday 22nd, June, 14:00 The Marketing Team.
Thursday 23rd June, 14:00 Grumpity Linden, Vice President of Second Life Product and Mojo Linden, Vice President of Engineering.
Friday 24th June, 14:00 Meet the Moles of the Linden Department of Public Works.

Premium Plus Announcement

If all is still going according to plan, at least one of the Meet the Lindens sessions should see the official announcement of the Premium Plus subscription package: what it is, what it will contain, what it will cost and when it will be launching.

SL19B, June 16th through July 5th, 2022: The Arboretum stage

SL19B Music Fest

  • The Music Fest will kick-off at 13:00  SLT on Thursday, June 16th, and conclude at 22:00 SLT on Saturday, June 18th.
  • It will take place at three venues across the SLB regions, with one venue hosting the event on each day.
Time (SLT) June 16th – Arboretum June 17th – The Steamworks June 18th – Vernian Rotunda
09;00 Gates Open
10;00 Cylindrian Rutabaga
11:00 Opening Ceremony Oblee Tia Rungray
Noon AnLaik Skye Galaxy
13:00 Marqs DeSade The Interplanetary Liberation Front Tempio Breil
14:00 Joaquin Gustav Randy De Lucia SEMINA
15:00 Joka Shuggah! Mimi Carpenter
16:00 Holly Giles Sam King Frogg Marlowe & Jaycatt Nico (Effinjay)
17;00 Angelikus Deo J Lively spiritLed
18:00 Ruvie Gatchie Agatha Nowles Jimmyt49 Dukes
19:00 Seth Regan Grace Loudon Mae Loved
21:00 John Rocky
21:00 Gabryel Nyoki

Shop and Hop

The SL19B Shop and Hop event is the largest S&H event thus far held.

  • 20 regions of shopping.
  • 400 creators offering 20% or more off of items.
  • Open through until July 5th, 2022.
  • Find direct SLurls to all participating creators here OR use the SLurls at the end of this article to jump to any of the Shop and Hop regions.
SL19B, June 16th through July 5th, 2022: The Vernian Rotunda

Other Points of Interest

The Tapestry of Time and Gift Area.

First presented in 2018, the region-wide Tapestry of Time presents visitor with a walk-through of Second Life’s history from 2003 through to the present day using images, text and videos. True, not everything has been recorded, but there’s enough within the region to be of interest to the historically minded.

within the Tapestry of Time can be found the SL19B Gift Area, offering gifts from the Birthday exhibitors and from merchants participating in the Shop & Hop event.

The Community Gallery

For 19 years, Second Life has offered us a virtual space to create, define and explore, bringing people from around the world together to create, share, discover new interests and make new friends, participate in games and adventures, to learn and discuss, and simply have fun.

For SL19B, the Community Gallery has been created to offer a place where visitors can share their memories of their times and adventures, memories that turned a virtual world into a community of Residents.

Pod Tours

Once again, Yavanna Llanfair‘s excellent pod tours will be circulating through the SLB regions. Hop on any that are free as they pass, or grab one from the pod tours station.

Exhibitor Regions

As is common for SLB events, the mix of content is varied, and the representation of interests broad. Role-play groups, arts, communities, are represented across the nine regions open to exhibitors; some are static, others are interactive in nature.

  • Direct links to the exhibitor regions can be found in the SLurls lists at the end of this piece.
  • Information / SLurls for individual exhibitors can be found in the SL19B Community Experiences pages of the Destination Guide.

Note that teleport boards are available throughout the region for jumping between them.

SL19B, June 16th through July 5th, 2022: The Steamworks stage 

Advice on a Better Experience

The SL19B regions – celebratory and Shop & Hop can get exceptionally busy. To help ease the pain for you:

  • If you have a high draw distance, reduce it to  as low as is comfortable for your enjoyment.
  • Turn off shadows in your viewer if you usually have them enabled.
  • Go to Preferences → Graphics and reduce the slider Max # Non-Imposter Avatars to a minimum and dial-down your Complexity slider.
  • Remove texture-heavy HUDs to free-up more texture memory.
  • To assist the simulator, remove unnecessary scripted attachments.
  • Dress lightly, avoid accessories of high complexity.

SLurls and Destination Guide Links

Core Event Region SLurls

All SLB regions are rated General.

  • The Arboretum – home to the Opening Ceremony, the Meet the Lindens sessions, the June 16th Music Fest line-up and more:

Arboretum 1Arboretum 2Arboretum 3

  • The Steamworks – home to the June 17th Music Fest line-up, and other entertainment:

Steamworks 1Steamworks 2Steamworks 3Steamworks 4

  • Vernian Rotunda – home to the June 18th Music Fest line-up, and other entertainment:

:Vernian Rotunda 1Vernian Rotunda 2Vernian Rotunda 3Vernian Rotunda 4

Exhibitor Region Landing Points

SLB Amaze SL1B Astonish SLB Astound
SLB Breathtaking SLB Captivate SLB Electrify
SLB Enchant SLB Fantasy SLB Imagination

Destination Guide and Other Links


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  1. To help ease the pain for you:
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    1. Excellent advice. While you can see the fanciest outfits during the early days of the celebration, you can also experience the greatest amount of lag and drag (as well as discovering that some places you want to go are full> no entry). I’ll be hitting it near the end of the thing and yeah, no entertainment but no excessive lag, either. I’ll be there late, but I will be there.
      >note: There are also times of the day when the place will be empty-ish, so maybe late night or early, early morning could work too.


    2. Heh; I used to list giving it ’til the week after all the entertainment for viewing things in my general advice, but dropped it from the list the last couple of years. Ta for raising it!


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