The magic of B sori in Second Life

B sori, May 2022 – click any image for full size

B sori is the name given to a Homestead region by holders Len (Len Mercury) and Twin Clover (poemnletters) that offers a glorious, almost mystical setting well deserving of its About Land description:

Peaceful ⋮ Dreamy ⋮ Romantic ⋮ Lonely ⋮ Nostalgic ⋮ Lost ⋮ Homey … leave your precious memories with your heart

The core of the region sits as a deep crescent of a sand-and-grass reef rising from calm waters and sits under a sky that forms a surrounding dome speckled with the points of distant stars and across which clouds seem to creep spirit-like. Sunlight streams down from above and the waters around the land glow as if washed by a low-lying mist that adds the first sense of mystery to the setting.

B sori, May 2022

The landing point sits at the broadest curve of the island’s sweep, where a cluster of wooden building sit, some with closed walls, others open-sided , the majority of them sitting up on stilts or on old shipping containers in what appears to be a retreat above the sand that has grown organically over time, rather than being intentionally planned. Shaded in part by tall willows and shrubs growing on the roof areas, it is fronted by a broad deck and old terrace while to one side and under the shade of the trees grows a wild garden with potting shed and birdhouses.

Sweeping away from this home-built structure, the arms of the island curve outwards to point towards the north-east, cupping a shallow bay within their protective embrace. Each arm has its own attractions: to the west lay the most enticing wash of blue and flowers, grasses and shrubs in which more colours – yellow, lavender, white, teal – emerge as one walks towards it, a single tree spreading its boughs over the flowers.

B sori, May 2022

An old greenhouse can be found alongside this tree, apparently caught in an instant in time: outside of it blue and white butterflies hang in the air, their stilled wings caught in mid-beat as this rise like a glistening streamer out over the waters of the bay. Within the greenhouse, a little group of butterflies flutter and circle untouched by whatever has frozen their brethren outside. Beyond this, the path continues to the end of the island where another greenhouse offers a further retreat, nestled in the arms of a raised steel walkway.

Travel in the other direction, and a short walk will bring visitors to a shaded deck sitting over the water and a semi-collapsed boardwalk that leads to a small sandbank with more places where people can sit, relax and reflect.

Out on the water, the mist-like glow is actually floating fields of glowing white spider lilies sitting as a garden sitting above the ripples of waves. Spreading out towards the edge of the region, these lilies are home to more places to visit: an iron gazebo, glass piano within; a bed beneath a metal pavilion frame and, furthest from the main island a floating garden of more “traditional” flowers, trees and grass, the home to a little bus shelter. Those worried about getting feet wet when trying to reach or walk through these garden spaces need not fret: the way over the water is quite dry, providing you follow the path.

B sori, May 2022

Those who need the comfort of a cuddle but have no-one to give them one need only look to the sky over these water gardens to where a globe floats, vines and grass growing within and through it. Sitting inside it and at home on the grass is a large teddy bear who is more than happy to give and receive a hug!

Throughout this deceptively simple-wounding region design is a wealth of detail I’ve not touched on here, but can be appreciated by all who visit. Such detail includes the décor around the landing point and within the buildings, where it mixes with the furnishings to give the structures a rich sense of life and of being used. Further out, there are many more touches and places to sit, whilst the paths out over the spider lily fields are watched over by exotic dandelion-type plants.

B sori, May 2022

A delight to visit and photograph – and use as a backdrop for avatar photography – B sori is a genuine jewel of a region design and a visit is thoroughly recommended.

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