A Timeless visit with Cica in Second Life

Cica Ghost: Timeless

When we are young and growing up, life and the world can be filled with the wonderous and the unexpected. While there can be moments of upset and tears, curiosity and our imaginations shape much of what we see, filling us with excitement and laughter. We are led by a desire to play, to make dreams real and have fun. Yesterday is so far behind us, it lies forgotten, tomorrow so far ahead of us, it lies beyond our thinking. There is only the timelessness of today.

As we grow older, we start to lose this infectious joy. Memories of yesterday and concerns for tomorrow start to crowd our thoughts. Laughter becomes rarer; something increasingly restricted to certain activities, losing its childhood spontaneity as childhood falls behind us and we take the command to “put away childish things” perhaps too seriously.

Cica Ghost: Timeless

But laughter, fun and living in the moment, being at one with our dreams and imaginations are all important aspects of life. They can give release from pressure, stress and mood, lifting our spirit. Laughter is infectious, positive, warming. Imagination is freedom and dreams can be inspirational. All are timeless in the gifts they bring us and as such, all should be embraced whenever encountered –  and we should seek every opportunity to experience them. Such as when visiting Cica Ghost’s latest installation Timeless.

A playground for grown-ups, Timeless offers a lot to do and things to find (three gifts in all). We can sit and talk, or cuddle and relax or get physical and join in a silly dance or two, or show off with the kind of acrobatic prowess many of us may remember from childhood years or wish we could have. Among the bunny people, we can let our imaginations free to picture stories and life in this playground-town and give reign to laughter as we witness Cica’s Birds In Shoes and their reactions to our madcap dancing. And if walking gets too much, there are even little cars to motor around in.

Cica Ghost: Timeless

This is a place that encourages us to recapture our sense of fun and laughter; to let go of cares and woes and worries about work or whatever else might be be exerting a negative influence on us. And it is a places perfectly encapsulated by the quote Cica has used with it:

Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.

– Walt Disney


So, why not take a moment to smile and laugh, seek Cica’s little gifts and recapture a welcome sense of childhood wonder and enjoy a Timeless visit? And as you do, please take the opportunity to show appreciation for Cica’s work in encouraging us to smile and laugh every month.

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