CyberNorm: the two sides of an artist in Second Life

Art Korner Main Gallery: CyberNorm – The art of “Cyber”

Update, June 27th, 2022: Art Korner has Closed.

Recently opened in the Main Gallery at Frank Atisso’s Art Korner is an intriguing exhibition that presents two sides – two personalities, if you will – of a single artist: CyberNorm (aka ndl1971).

As “Norm” the artist – who has had their work displayed in several exhibitions in Düsseldorf, Germany, between 2018 and 2020 – explores art using the brush and canvas, using the medium as a means to explore life and politics in a somewhat playful manner, and explore aspects of gender politics. Meanwhile, as “Cyber”, the artists works with the digital medium, expressing their imagination through structured, mathematical terms – in this case through the use of fractals.

Through both forms of art, the CyberNorm particularly explores the subject of control: the use of political standpoints to exert control over the world as a whole, and the ability of mathematics to present structure and control within the digital domain.

Art Korner Main Gallery: CyberNorm – The art of “Cyber”

At Art Korner, these two sides of the art’s work are displayed across the two floors of the gallery building. The lower level is primarily given over to the art of “Cyber” (with one exception), and the upper level to the work on “Norm”.

The digital art offers a vibrant richness, bringing together the richness of natural forms with those of more abstracted elements to form pieces that are all individually unique and captivating. Some of these offer suggestions of Nature and life, while some capturing the infinite beauty of the Mandelbrot set, while others suggest textile-like pieces that offer their own fascination.

Art Korner Main Gallery: CyberNorm – The art of “Norm”

The display on the gallery’s upper floor offers paintings that demonstrate “Norm’s” approach to political commentary / satire, together with broader pieces that offer food for thought on the topic of what might be seen as commentary on gender, continuing female sexual emancipation and societal freedoms, including how (for some) these might be seen as threatening (as with Dragon and the Firefly, for example).

Taken individually, both halves of this exhibition contain much to hold the attention; together the present a wealth of expression and contrast the play off one another, revealing as they do two very different sides of the artist’s nature. For those interested, it will remain open through until February 2nd, 2022.

Art Korner Main Gallery: CyberNorm – The art of “Norm”

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  1. The piece on Biden, BLM and Trump reinforces racist stereotypes of Black folks. While freedom of speech and artistic license are something the artist can and has used, it is also important to be responsible not to represent historically oppressed populations with negative and racist imagery. Please understand that throwing out juxtapositions, devil’s advocacy or any form of pondering for the sake of art or discussion can cost a huge price for populations that do not have that same privilege and cannot take a hit for the sake of said discussion.


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