A silent city in Second Life

Omerta, November 2021 – click any image for full size

Poking my nose into the Destination Guide recently caused me to spot an entry for Omerta City (actually now featured in the DG Highlights at the time of writing), a Full region design by Lux Voxel that leverages the additional private island Land Impact bonus.

An urban environment, this is a place packed with detail – although I’ll say up-front that this comes at a price; unless you’re running on a fairly robust system, you might find it heavy going if you tend to run the viewer with the likes of shadows enabled and / or a high Draw Distance, so be prepared to make some adjustments to your viewer!

Omerta, November 2021

Omertà is a Southern Italian code of silence and code of honour and conduct that is often associated with the Mafia, and I’d venture to suggest the selection of the name for this setting is no accident given it is sponsored through Lux’s own brand Mesh Mafia. Not that it is particularly mindful of Southern Italy or Sicily, being far more leaning towards being somewhere in the United States. However, it does have the feel for a corner of a city where one could well imagine organised crime keeping an eye – and hand – on things; and enforcing their particular brands of honour codes.

This is a location of multiple faces, with waterfront areas, low-lying and aging business areas overlooked by places of business topped by apartments occupying superior, elevated positions. Within all of this are a range of settings that make exploring the city something of an adventure. Many of the shops are outfitted with interiors that invite visitors into them; clubs and pubs present similar places to spend time within, at least one also containing the kind of racket one might associate with criminal activities as NPC exotic dancers seek to entertain those stepping through the doors.

Omerta, November 2021

Caught under a night-time sky by default, Omerta also has a sense of mystery to it: tucked away here and there are shops specialising in voodoo and magic, for example, whilst the bones of an old and long-deserted and ruined fun fair rises from and overgrown lot. There’s also a sense of life throughout: a corner that may have once been a shop topped by living spaces has been converted into a place for children to use their skateboards, as such corners so often get turned into places for childhood recreation where no formal parks or other spaces exist.

Elsewhere can be found roadworks and the suggestions that parts of the city may be about to undergo redevelopment. There’s also a feeling that the age of the city has lead to something of an unfortunate accident: the subway station sits with its platforms barred to public access, they and the tracks they serve being flooded.

Omerta, November 2021

As noted, Omerta can be heavy-going at times: there is both a lot of mesh  and an impressive number of textures which can take time to load and render, particularly if you are prone to keep shadows running at all times (I actually had some issues with texture loading with shadows disabled); as such, it can be a frustrating visit at times (possibly not helped by the region surround / dome).

However, it is more than worthwhile persevering, as the city is also filled with photographic opportunities throughout – and not just under the default EEP settings; as the banner image here hopefully shows, Omerta lends itself to other EEP settings as well.

Omerta, November 2021

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