In Perpetuity in Second Life

Perpetuity, July 2021 – click any image for full size

Designed by the in-world partnership of Tamara Sierota and Camis Sierota (Camis Lee), Perpetuity is a Full region presenting a refreshing pastoral setting that is open to visitors to enjoy and photograph. It offers much to see in as very natural setting that carries  something of an emphasis towards lovers and couples, as the About Land Description indicates:

A place for quiet moments & photography with areas to bring your date, lover, partner or to come alone & relax surrounded by nature in all its beauty. 
Perpetuity, July 2021

Group membership is open for those who wish to have rezzing rights, and motorbike and horseback riding are welcome along the dusty track that winds its way around the region, whist a bicycle rezzer is also available at the landing point for those who are sans horse or motorbike options, but who wish an alternative to wandering on foot. Poses for photography may also be rezzed via group membership, with the request that these are kept small and are discreetly used – and are cleaned-up afterwards.

The east side of the region features a ribbon of beach that runs north-to-south. Watched over by a summer house and a small café, the sands of the beach offer several places to sit and look out over the water to the far horizon, and is spanned by a long pier that forms the landing point while also providing access to the rest of the setting  as arrivals walk its length.

Perpetuity, July 2021

The majority of the region is given over to an arable / livestock farm, with corn, sunflowers and lavender in the little fields, and cattle and sheep grazing while horses wander.

How much emphasis is put on income from farming, however, is open to interpretation: one field has been given over to a music event space and the main barn appears to be more used as a front attraction for Camis’ Apple Pie & Moonshine bar than as a home for farming implements and / or horses, the old tractor parked within it notwithstanding.

Perpetuity, July 2021

Elsewhere across the region are further signs that that farm – assuming the entire setting was once all a single farm holding – has diversified its business comes in the form of the little cabins and old chapel that have been converted into retreats for artists, and what might have once been a barn that is now a motor-cycle friendly bar as it sits across the track from the farm’s produce shop.

The farmhouse itself sets to the south-west, tucked into a corner where the track loops around a small natural bay fed by fresh water that tumbles from a stubby thumb of rock poking its head above the surrounding fields. Backed by the high mountains that cup the region within their off-sim arms, it’s a cosy house perfectly set to give itself a sense of privacy without actually being divorced from the rest of the setting.

Perpetuity, July 2021

Given this is a place intended for the romantics among us, as well as explorers and photographers, there are numerous places to sit and spend time with someone close to be found throughout, indoors and out, on the land and on the water. All are gently washed over by the local ambient sound scape that adds a little more depth to the region, and all can be found as a result of gentle exploration of the island.

Rich in detail, easy on the eye, with a welcome and encourages people to explore, Perpetuity is a delight to visit. A calm haven caught in the midst of summer for both visitors and the local animals and wildlife (keep an eye out for the black bears!).

Perpetuity, July 2021

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