Lab further updates SL splash screen with mixed media video

A still from the video now featured on the further revised splash screen

Watching the splash screen is becoming something of a past-time of late.  Last week I noted that the screen had been tweaked after an update in April, with an enlarged still from the broadcast advert by Levitate Media and a revised menu  ( splash screen gets a further tweak).

It  now appears the April update and the tweak last week might be part of a rotating set of splash screens being tried out – as I noted on May 17th in an update to that article, the version of the page I  referenced in that article had reverted to it’s April format.

This week, the page has been further revised – as those logging out and back in may have noticed. The latest change retains the old format of menu up in the top right corner of the screen, but the still image has been replaced by a video loop that mixes footage from the Levitate Media video with video footage shot within Second Life.

Running to 1 minute and 12 seconds, the video may well be the full Leverage Media advert, just sans music or other accompaniment – previously, we’ve only been teased with behind-the-scenes clips of the ad.

Certainly, the inter-cutting of live and Second Life footage comes together very well, although some might critique it for being somewhat vague on specifics about Second Life or that it misses some of the core aspects of the platform – such as the creative elements. However, I’d suggest that as far as enticing interest goes, such critiques are misplaced: the video offers a series of images designed to capture attention, pique curiosity, and entice people to sign-up, rather than reveal all there is to Second Life.

That said, as one scrolls down the page, it would perhaps be nice to see something a little more dynamic when it comes to expanding on what Second Life is – frankly the three selections are vague; and while things like remote meetings in the age of the pandemic have been important to the Lab and SL’s use, it would nevertheless be good to see a broad cassavas of the kind of interests that have tended to attract and retain the wider Second Life user base.

Anyway, click the Play button below and check the video for yourself. Again, note that as it is a hero screen version, it is without sound.

2 thoughts on “Lab further updates SL splash screen with mixed media video

  1. So so, for shit like that they have enough money, time and manpower; for keeping the grid stable they are too lazy, blasé, ignorant and ADHD. 😐
    It’s nice to work with professionals. LOL


    1. Why is that people view everything as either/or with LL and SL? Just because Product and Marketing are working on the new user experience – including the splash screen – does not mean that Engineering, web and viewer are sitting on their thumbs.

      As I’m constantly reporting elsewhere in this blog, LL are engaged in a range of activities from stabilisation and performance improvements in their new operating environment, through web property updates, viewer improvements, new capabilities, to attempting to address annoyances with Group Chat and more. On top of that, this splash screen work is just the tip of a much bigger project to try to grow SL’s active users. That’s an admittedly tough goal to achieve, but if it can be done, then it is good for all of us.


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