Lab issues Project UI viewer aimed at new users

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As has been indicated in various discussions and statements from the Lab – such as the Above the Book sessions with Grumpity, Brett and Patch linden at this year’s VWBPE event, one element of Second Life that the Lab is focused on is the new user experience.

This work involves various projects, including the on-boarding process and changes to the viewer to help new users get to grip with things, and on Monday, May 3rd, Alexa Linden announced the release of the Project UI viewer which includes a range up updates specifically aimed at new users.

According the Alexa’s forum post, the new viewer includes three core areas of update:

  • A new menu option called Avatar, and streamlined / revised right-click avatar context menus.
  • Improvements to the Inventory panel.
  • An updated Places floater.

However, there’s actually more to this viewer than the forum post reveals, so here’s a run-down of some of the documented changes and some of those that are missed out from the forum post – but which could actually be of greater interest to established users.

The Avatar Menu and Right-Click Avatar Context Menus

This is perhaps the most significant update to in the viewer. To quote from Alexa’s post:

Making SL easier for newcomers to learn can improve the chances that they will become long-term Residents. Growing the Resident community benefits everyone — more people to meet, more participation in events, and more commerce. The changes described below are the first batch of what we hope will be an ongoing series of usability improvements.
Avatar menus
With this release we introduce the Avatar top-level menu which brings together all avatar tools in one place. One of SL’s most important features is now more visible to newcomers. You’ll notice the avatar right-click menu has been streamlined as well.
Have you ever struggled to select an avatar attachment?  It’s inside your avatar, it’s transparent, or it’s a mesh attachment that you just can’t grab. You can now touch, edit or remove an attachment using right-click from all Avatar windows and Inventory.

The Avatar menu and the revised right-click context menus are show below:

The new Avatar menu sits between the Me and Communicate menus brings together all of the frequently used avatar tools (l). Centre: the revised avatar right-click context menus seen when touching your avatar (top) or an attachment (bottom), and how they compare to the current versions of the menus (r)

Inventory and Places Updates

I’ve not a lot to say on the Inventory floater updates, so will leave that to Alexa’s forum post. The changes to Places and how landmarks are handled, again as specified in the blog post, are also straightforward, although there are a few additional points to note:

  • The new panel also sees the gear button moved to the top of the panel, and provides a new set of fairly self-explanatory options:
    • Teleport.
    • View.
    • Show on Map.
    • Copy SLurl.
  • The original Expand and Collapse options from the gear button have been moved to a separate drop-down menu button, with the delete option moved to a its own Trash button.
The Project UI viewer’s updated Places panel (l) and the release version

Other Menu Updates

The new Avatar Menus means there have been revisions to the Me and communicate menus as well, with avatar-related options (such as the Choose and Avatar option moving from Me to Avatar (and renamed Complete Avatars).

The revised Me and Communicate menus (with the blue bands) compared to the current release viewer – click for full size, if required

As well as these, there are other small tweaks  – World Menu now has a My Linden Home … option. Clicking this will open up the in-viewer browser and take the user to the Linden Homes page:

  • Premium members with a Linden Home will see the page relating to their home.
  • Premium members who do not have a Linden Home and Basic Members will see the Linden Home selection page (and Basic members will go forward to the Premium sign-up page).

Note also, that using this menu option (as with others in the viewer that use the built-in browser to access Second Life web pages) may trigger single sign-on, and require you log-in to the SL web properties.

EEP Updates

One of the biggest complaints with the Environment Enhancement Project (EEP) has been use use of trackball options to position the Sun and Moon, with many voicing their preference for “a slider like Windlight”. To address this, the UI Project viewer implements two sliders for positioning the Sun and two for the Moon across all of the EEP settings floaters. These are:

  • Azimuth  – which might be thought of as the east / west position of the Sun or Moon (technically, azimuth is more than this, but it’ll do for these notes).
  • Elevation – the position of the Sun or Moon over or under) the horizon, relative to azimuth.

These sliders are tied to the Sun / Moon movement using the trackball systems, allowing both to be used as preferred.

The Sun & Moon tabs on Fixed Sky and the Day Cycle floaters now include Azimuth and and Elevation sliders for positioning the Sun / Moon, and similar sliders can be found on Personal Lighting

Rapid-Fire Feedback

Overall, this is a reasonable set of changes; they do enough to streamline things in places without being a potential source of confusion for established users; the changes are for the most part logical – although I do have a couple of reservations.

On the plus side, bringing together the majority of avatar tools into a single menu makes a lot of sense. But I do wonder if having menus called “Me” and “Avatar” side-by-side might not be a little confusing for new users (e.g. “Huh? Wassa difference? Why two menus for my avatar?”). The use of the “avatar” menu name is liable to cause a small amount of consternation with Firestorm, as that viewer already use it in place of “me”, but c’est la vie.

I was also surprised to see that the Linden homes page has yet to be updated for Basic members – it still features photos and a video of the old 512 sq m Linden Homes. Given the newer Homes are more attractive (and have now been with us for a while), and the aim of this viewer is to help make engagement with SL more attractive to new users, linking to information that is pretty much out-of-date and doesn’t actually reflect the more common Premium offering seems a little disjointed.

Elsewhere, I like the ability to touch / select attachments – particularly worn mesh – made more accessible. Catznip introduced such a capability a few years ago, and I can’t help but wonder if seeing it now in the official viewer might be the result of a code contribution from that viewer.

It’s also good to see the Lab respond to requests with EEP, and hopefully the new sliders will help those who find the trackballs a little confusing – although I don’t doubt the labelling might cause a little confusion (“why not east and north?”).

I understand the updates to the learning / social islands will be coming along in summer – although I’ve no idea if these will see further tweaks to the viewer as well. as well. In the meantime, it’ll be interesting to see how this Project UI viewer develops over the coming months.

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* Note this link will become inlaid as the viewer is updated.

5 thoughts on “Lab issues Project UI viewer aimed at new users

  1. Oh good! I was hoping they would address the EEP UI — I’ve not been able to make friends with the trackballs.

    You’re absolutely right about the labeling, though. If the idea is to simplify the experience for new users, why not use terms they know and love? Aziwho?

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      1. Sure. But which is more important in the context of Second Life — ease of use or scientifically correct terminology?

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      2. At least it’s not right ascension and declination.

        It’s nice that this is being worked on, but it’s not simplifying anything. Some things that would help:

        – Instead of lots of menu options under Avatar Health, one panic button that stops animations, releases controls, resets the skeleton, clears deformations, does a “stand”, gets you out of stuck conditions involving ban lines, objects with bad physics models, and failed region crossings, and if necessary moves you to a safe place near where you were.

        – “Wear safe outfit”, for recovering from clothing disasters. I’ve seen some very angry new users show up at Firestorm Help Island with missing body parts or worse. Avatar fails are very upsetting to some people. It’s not obvious to new users that “save outfit” is important.

        – Fix the add/wear distinction. Have a miscellaneous attachment point that’s always “add” for anything that doesn’t really belong to a body part. Things for which “wear” is meaningful should be “wear”, so they detach conflicting objects.

        – New users should get a mesh bento BOM avatar and about a half dozen fitmesh outfits that fit perfectly. Repeat, fit perfectly, with no slider adjustments. Encourage creators to contribute free outfits in exchange for the publicity of having new users pointed to their stores for more compatible items.

        – Fix the default mainland day cycle. It’s supposed to be 3 hours light, 1 hour dark, but it’s more like 2 hours dark, 2 hours dim. When EEP came in, the default settings for mainland ambient lighting were set too dim, and there was no way to change them grid-wide because that hadn’t been coded. This should have been fixed by now. That bug is the main motivation for “personal lighting” – the defaults suck.

        LL needs to find and fix underlying problems instead of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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  2. Uso é second life desde 2012, e acredito que uma coisa boa a ser falada aqui não é apenas a melhoria em um menu, bom já é alguma coisa, porem existem pontos mais relevantes que deveriam ser levados em consideração na hora de pensar em um viwer para o nosso mundo querido, algo como uma forma de melhorar a qualidade da imagem sem ter que alterar o grafico para o maximo, em alguns casos novos jogadores precisam de computadores mais potentes para poder interagir porque o Mesh torna o second life mais pesado em algumas maquinas em determinadas lands é impossivel de andar para alguns, quando em 2012 era muito mais leve, mesmo com gestures e huds de animação, podia-se colocar até 30 pessoas em um mesmo espaço sem precisar enlouquecer e cair 30 vezes por segundo, concordo com o botão de panico, me ajude meu av está preso num lugar não me cabe, ou minha roupa não carrega, um botão relogar sem precisar reiniciar o viwer seria realmente interessante.

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