Resting in Osta Nimosa in Second Life

Osta Nimosa – January 2021

For those who feel they’d like to escape all the continuing stresses of the physical world, but who don’t particularly want to spent time exploring and wandering, preferring instead to sit and chat or cuddle (or both), then artist Terrygold might have the answer.

Osta Nimosa is a quarter-region parcel sitting within a Full region utilising the private island LI bonus. Best known for her work as an artist – one whose work I’ve appreciated and long enjoyed writing about, here she presents a landscaped environment. Set out as an artificial archipelago sitting over sandy waters, it is bordered on two sides by open water, while the other two are denoted by a shallow ribbon of grass and sand that sits between the shallows and high cliffs.

Osta Nimosa – January 2021

Presented under the Solo Arte banner, the setting extends out over the water in a checker board of little square and rectangular islands, with more to be found in the sky overhead, including the Solo Arte Castle, sitting within a snowy setting at the time of my visit and which includes a table games room for those who fancy a little challenge.

The main landing point for the setting can be found on the ribbon of beach and grass, sitting alongside information boards and the teleport signs that link to all of the locations within the parcel.

Osta Nimosa – January 2021

The islands are reached can be reached in one of two ways: by taking the a canoe from the pier on the waterside of the landing point or by wading through the water and with the wooden steps that are provided with each island (flight is deactivated in the parcel, so I’m excluding this as an option).

Whilst regular in shape, these islands are anything but identical. Some are set as garden spaces, others as little corners in which to sit – such as having you own little bench where you can watch the Moon in a most unique way. Others are home to buildings of some description, each of which also has its unique characteristics.

Osta Nimosa – January 2021

For example, there is the Mr. Wolf bar – also one of the teleport destinations – which may not quite offer what you might expect from a bar; whilst the houses themselves offer the most unusual – and delightful settings within them. Furnished homes they most certainly are not, but they are charming / romantic (depending on which you access). There’s also a camp site watched over by cormorants, and another island offering a musical haven whilst one gives people the chance for a quite picnic.

Osta Nimosa – January 2021

There’s a lot of detail to be found here  – as may have already been guessed from my comments above. There’s the cats that bring a little life to the outdoor café, the boats that offer further places to sit and cuddle a board walk garden and a little coastal camp site, all waiting to be found.

All of this adds up to a charming location for a visit and in which to spend time, one that works under a range of spring / summer environment settings, and which shouldn’t be missed by anyone who – at the risk of repeating myself- wants to escape the stresses of the physical world, or who wishes to have a little quiet time with their loved one(s) or friends.

Osta Nimosa – January 2021

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