The art of … well, me, actually!

Kultivate Loft Gallery, January 2021

As a rule, I’m not a great believer in self-promotion, however, I also have to admit to being delighted and honoured to be invited by John Huntsman to present some of my images of the places I’ve visited in SL in the opening exhibition of 2021 for Kultivate Magazine’s Loft Gallery.

As I’ve oft – and genuinely – stated, I do not consider myself as “artist” when compared to the many, many talents of genuine artists who have a genuine talent for bring Second Life and its avatars to life; my work is really attempts at illustrating the places I visit rather than trying to be any form of artistic statement. So, when I receive an invitation such as this, I am genuinely (and quite considerably) honoured and flattered. In  this case, very, very much so, given the calibre of artist who are generally invited to exhibit at the Kultivate galleries.

I’m also not great with opening events – I prefer to keep to the background and patter / putter around where I can’t be notice. However, and all things being equal, I’ll be at the Loft for the opening John and Tempest have arranged, and I hope that you’ll drop by either for the opening event from 12 noon SLT on sunday, January 3rd, or over the next few weeks and have a peek at the images I’ve selected for the exhibition.

Many thanks again to John and Tempest for arrange this exhibition.

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5 thoughts on “The art of … well, me, actually!

  1. Maybe you don’t consider yourself an artist but you’re a damn fine chronicler and press photographer of the places you visit. It’s not just some rough “I was there” photobomb selfies, like publicity whore Orca is doing, but well-composed and lighted landscape and architectural photography. A joy.


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