Colour and monochrome in Second Life

Love & Love Gallery: Kerupa Flow

I first visited Love & Love Art Gallery, curated by Lylaya Love (lylaya), back in June 2020. Since then, it has relocated, and earlier in August, two new exhibitions opened, featuring the work of Kerupa Flow and Norton Lykin respectively.

Kerupa Flow presents another series of her truly remarkable tablet-and-pen creations, the majority of which are monochrome in nature. There is a richness of diversity present in these pieces, suggestive of multiple roots for Kerupa’s work. To take just a handful: When it Rain, for example has an ink wash style about it, whilst Hug and Curious Walker hint at pen-and-ink drawings whilst Lurking Now is surreal in nature and the landscape of Indelible Night carries an abstracted element within it.

Love & Love Gallery: Kerupa Flow

I admit to finding Kerupa’s work quite fascinating since first encountering it in 2015; her work is always rich in the narrative it contains, and all of the pieces offered here carry that same strength and depth – perhaps most notably her 3D piece, I’ll be sure to find you.

Across the hall, Norton’s work tends towards the striking, with bold, strong colours, and this exhibition is no exception. Twelve pieces of a somewhat abstract nature with a twist of futurism are presented here, offering reflections on love, life, art and the cosmos.

Love & Love: Norton Lykin

Several of the pieces reflect the art of others – Mario2 Helstein and Giovanna Cerise, as re-imagined through Norton’s eyes. These are particularly striking, while Sunrise with Shadows and Red Moon present unique views of the most recognisable occupiers of our solar system (outside of Earth).

When visiting, be sure to take the teleport mat to the gallery’s lower floor where, at the time of my visit, Patrick Moya’s iconic art was still on display, nicely balanced by a display by Oblomov (Jos Bookmite) I reviewed back in June 2020.

Love & Love: Norton Lykin

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